Things to Look Forward to Over Break

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Written and media by Bobby Neal.

For most of the world, December is full of holiday love and joy, but December for college students is full of stress from final projects, exams, and presentations. The Month of Due Dates, some would rather call it. The early days of the month bring nightmares of messing up on your final paper or maybe your roommate using your computer and deleting your final speech. We all have things we look forward to over the holiday break, and that is what allows us to finish the Month of Due Dates strong.

“I look forward to spending time with my family and friends,” said Shaq Beck.

Sophomore Mahari Holt said, “I enjoy the time off from doing work and waking up early. Just the idea of not being at school.” 

“Being from Little Rock, [Arkansas] I look forward to going home and seeing friends and family that I regularly don’t see,” said Greg Mitchell.

“Over the break, I’m looking forward not only to the holiday but also to the time I get to spend with family. I’m looking forward to what the city has for me to explore since I’ve been gone. I look forward to telling people about the stories that school had blessed me with, like what classes I’ve taken and what they consist of. I want to show them how much school has helped change me and helped me find out things that I didn’t know I had within myself. Over the break I’m just looking forward to changing someone’s life with stories of being in college,” said Kieshaun Young Jones

Terry Dixon said he’s excited for break to “Spend time with my loved ones, eat home-cooked meals, and not having to do any work, so I can just kick back.”

Andrew Sharp is excited to have “…time to spend with my entire family.”

These are all great things to look forward to. Ultimately what drives me is the feeling of being at peace with myself. I use this time to give back to others and to help others with whatever is needed.

College has its own benefits that most students do not have at home: freedom from overbearing parents, friends that you are not able to live a day without, actual time to sleep in before classes, and the promise of a wonderful few years ahead. However, there are comforts from home that still nothing compares to. 

5 Things College Students Can Look Forward to Over Break:

Home-cooked meals. Who doesn’t miss being able to eat their mom and dad’s hot food?

Your own bedroom.  If you do not have to share rooms with your brother or sister, you will finally get to be alone and have some free time without your roommate barging in with ten people while you are trying to sleep. This is your alone time.

Catching up with old friends. Sharing the experiences you have been through with your friends are great. Being able to socialize with others besides your teammates or classmates is what we live for.

Holiday spirit. The feeling of being around family you have not seen all year is a great feeling. Catching up with your uncle you have not seen since you were 15 are the moments we go home for.

Not setting alarms. Winter break means not setting your alarm as well as not stressing about early morning classes after being up late doing homework.

All these things and much more are waiting for you when you safely arrive home. What is it you are looking forward to on your time off?


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