A Posh Campus

Written by Miranda Coffee. Media by Whitney Nichols.

Media by Whitney Nichols.

Everyone on campus has something they love to do and share with others. Whether that’s making music, art, or photography, everyone has something. There is one student on campus who loves to share the beauty of feeling good about yourself. Heather Lawrence is a consultant for Perfectly Posh, a beauty company that focuses on naturally-based products for bath, body, and hair. The company was founded in 2011 by Ann Dalton. She wanted to change the beauty world by making products not tested on animals, made in the USA, and all made naturally. You can find more information on the company and the people who created it here.

By being a consultant for Posh, Lawrence can host parties, sell products, and even sometimes has free samples for you to try! I tried the Espresso Yo’self body scrub (it smells like coffee!) and fell in love. Lawrence even has a Facebook page for people on campus that want to get involved with Posh and buy some products from her. I got to sit down with Lawrence and ask her everything about working with Posh and all of the amazing products she uses. After asking her how she got started working with Posh, she responded; “I actually started working with it February of last year. My mom was a consultant a few months prior to that. I tried some of the products and loved them so much that I wanted to get involved and start selling them.”

We talked about the different products Posh has and sells. I have a few things from Lawrence that I got to try out a while back and I told her how much I loved each and every one of them. Lawrence even shared what her favorite products are. “It’s hard to decide which one is my favorite. I like using all of them. I like using the chunks. They last for a while and I have one I’m using now. I personally like using the hand crèmes and the face masks the best.” We also talked a bit more about the products and the job of being a consultant for Posh. I asked Lawrence why she recommends using these products for everyone here on campus. “There’s something for everyone. Even men can use it. My dad uses it, my boyfriend uses it. They’re made with natural ingredients. There’s just really good products to use through Posh and everyone can find something that they will like.”

Media by Whitney Nichols.

Lawrence loves to share Posh with others and help them find products they will want to use every day. I totally plan on buying the coffee body scrub soon. It smells amazing. Lawrence also loves it when others want to host parties for Posh and come to her to host one. “I would be more than happy to help someone host a party and get started. They just need to come and talk to me.” So if you are interested in buying some Posh products or want to get started in helping to sell them, go talk to Heather Lawrence. She would love to see more people using these awesome natural beauty products everywhere.

To get an inside scoop on Perfectly Posh, listen to the full interview below.


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