Party on College Avenue: StreetFest 2018

Source GSGA.

Written by Zack Silvas. Media by Whitney Nichols.

Source GSGA. Media by Whitney Nichols.

This past weekend, I got to experience something a little bit different than usual in Greenville. On Saturday, April 28th, GSGA hosted the first ever StreetFest. There were many things that were going on from live music throughout the whole event to food trucks and many more things like that. I personally liked the whole event in general because of how it really brought each individual together including the community. Everyone who was there looked like they were having a great time. With all my friends there, I decided to get their opinion on what they thought of the StreetFest.

Source GSGA. Media by Whitney Nichols.

The first person I asked was Craig Towns, a freshman at GU. When asking him his favorite part about the StreetFest, he said, “My favorite thing was that I liked how they had the different stations set up and how everything was in order. One thing in particular that I liked was the art wall where people can write their names and spray paint whatever they want, kinda like graffiti and stuff. I also liked the basketball aspect of it which was really fun. I enjoyed myself.” With there only being two food trucks at StreetFest, I asked Towns what was his favorite thing that he had got. “So the food was really good. The hospitality of the food trucks and people that worked in there and how nice they were and the food wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t wrongly prepared. No one’s food was messed up. It’s like everyone’s food was made the same and perfectly safe and it was really good.” With being the first event of its kind, I then asked Towns if more events like this are something that Greenville should have more. “Yes, it brings the campus together and more people can interact with each other on a normal basis.”

Source GSGA. Media by Whitney Nichols.

Next, we have Deshon Wellington, also a freshman at GU. I asked him what his favorite part of Streetfest was. “My favorite thing about Streetfest would be probably the interaction with the people that are in the community of Greenville. The spray painting was really cool and the basketball was [fun]. Overall, the interaction with other people on campus was great because I really don’t get to do that much because I’m in football, along with school. Interaction with the campus is pretty cool to me.” Even though he had fun with the assortment of activities at Streetfest, Wellington really liked the food, especially the tacos from the Cha-Cha Chow food truck. “It was mainly tacos, while the other food truck had the fried shrimp as well. My favorite would probably be the tacos because it was just better than the other food truck in my opinion.” The last question I asked Wellington was if Greenville should have more events likes this and he said yes because it allows more people to interact with each other. “Totally. I feel like if we have more events like this, people will probably start to, you know, come out of their dorms and start to interact with each other. I feel like on this campus [you] have a lot of groups, meaning people who just hang out with the same people. So I feel like if people were to have more events, people will interact with just different people and see how friendships can be made and stuff.”

So you see that people really did enjoy themselves at StreetFest and that more events like this will allow Greenville to interact with the community.


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