The Little Things

Media by Whitney Nichols.

Written by Whitney Nichols.

As a little kid, we always dream about what our future will look like for us once we grow up. For me, it is all about being successful while not only growing up but maturing as well. Finding ways to put yourself out there in the world, which is quite scary if I do say so myself, but so well worth it in the end. Putting yourself out there at such a young age can truly benefit you in the long run, especially when it comes to finding your dream job. Expressing your highs and your lows in such a harsh and cruel world can lead to an opening of doors, specifically when it comes to finding your dream job.

As individuals, we all have our own definition of what a dream job really means. For some, it’s all about earning a big, fat paycheck or better yet, having great benefits offered to you. For others, we believe that it involves having a good work-life balance, which will eventually lead to the ability to help others and find ways to make this world a better place. But while many people have defined what a “dream job” means to them, so many can’t figure out whether they’ve actually found one.

For starters, do you excel at your job? As an individual, we want to succeed, and if you are placed in a difficult position where being great is difficult, it will be challenging to love what you do every day. Find a position where you will excel at every little thing that is thrown your way throughout your career. Look for something that not only better suits you, but your talents as well.

Throughout each and every job, there is always a certain task that no one wants to do, which that task often refers to the “grunt work.” What if I told you that these annoying little duties can become a part of something so much bigger than what you already think? Crazy. You soon realize that these annoying little duties that drive you insane are soon becoming something you love. But, if you find yourself constantly complaining about not only the small things but the big things as well, then maybe you’re holding the wrong position in your so-called “dream job.”

Is it you? Does the “dream job” resemble you? Is it expressing YOUR personality? Whether you have a creative, pragmatic, or analytical mind, your career should reflect it. When it comes to working for a certain industry, you want to express your one of kind creative mind. When working for a cutthroat, dry industry, you find yourself being miserable because you can’t express the type of person that you really are. Your dream job should easily customize your overall fit of who you are as a person.

“I don’t like you.” Can’t we all just get along in this crazy, messed up world? That’d be too easy. While working the dream job, find ways to like the individual right alongside you. At times, we find ourselves spending countless hours with our peers on certain assignments that are crucial to the job. By simply liking your coworkers lead to a more productive and motivated attitude from not only yourself but the person next to you.

Lastly, another full week of work is approaching, and hopefully, you don’t experience those “Monday Blues.” Weekends are a blessing in disguise, but if you find yourself not looking forward to work on Monday, you haven’t found your “dream job.” Your job should simply be one of the most enjoyable parts of your life.


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