Introducing Greenville SMART

The Greenville SMART building. Source: Emily Hogue

Are you smart? How about Greenville SMART? Introducing, the new and innovative building, Greenville Smart located in Greenville, Illinois, 102 N Second Street.

Source: Isaac Warren

If you are unfamiliar what Greenville SMART is, it is a place where many employers and entrepreneurs will bring together a sense of outreach and connections to many students of Greenville University. This is such a great vision for our future in helping students learn and grow as an adult. Being in college is a hard transition itself, Greenville SMART will help with that transition in knowing where your future is heading towards and how you can build your way to different connections.

Breck Nelson is the executive director of Greenville SMART. Breck and the help of others want to introduce and spread the word of how Greenville SMART will help give us that prospering vision of the future. I also had an opportunity to get the inside scoop on what Greenville SMART is.

Nelson says:

“Greenville SMART is more than just a building on the square, it’s a helpful place to unify resources and connections for Greenville University”

The building will have three different floors, the first floor will consist to be retail, restaurant, gathering space, and a music venue. This floor gives the students, community, and anybody interested a little bit of an entertainment. The second floor will consist of a conference space, entrepreneur pitch area, incubator for startups, and co-working space. This floor helps unifying resources for regional businesses, entrepreneur businesses, and many more! The third floor consists of a demonstration kitchen and a large meeting space. This floor will be used for guest speakers, business owners coming to talk to students, and demo projects.

Source: Isaac Warren

Nelson also added:

“These three different floor levels will give the students of Greenville University a broad view for what they are taught within the classroom walls to apply to real life. The different connections and relationships that will be made at Greenville SMART will help benefit students for future jobs.”

The main goal of Greenville SMART is to help students build connections between job employers. Most students have troubles finding jobs after college because it is hard to gain connections. The process of finding a connection to the job you are wanting can be a struggle. Sometimes all you need is a little guidance towards the right direction. Greenville SMART would be the perfect opportunity to reach out and find those connections for employers.

On Monday, February 25, the “Construction Kickoff” was held for Greenville SMART’s renovation for the building. This was the first sneak peek of the building and the visions for the future.  There is a lot more renovation to be done, but the time frame on when Greenville SMART will be completely done and ready is set for January 1, 2020. Many members of the Greenville Community are excited and joyful that Greenville SMART and the city of Greenville is collaborating together.

If you would like to see more of the progress, tune in to my next article, on the Papyrus, as I check in on the Greenville SMART’s renovation updates! You can also follow them on these social media website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, by just clicking on them!

Media by Emily Hogue.


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