Passing of the Torch

One of Logan's footballs laying on the side of the football field. Source: Daniel Martinez

Over the years, the Greenville Panthers have produced a ton of standout players. The most recent player to go through the program is All-American and two-time UMAC all-conference senior, tight-end, Greg Franchomme. The year he earned All-American honors, he had 42 catches for 703 yards and collected 10 touchdowns from quarterback George Harris.

Logan locking in during a play in his first game as a starter. Source: Dana Fitch

As the All-American wrapped up his final season as a Panther, he got the chance to take a young talented freshman tight-end under his wing, getting him ready for a bright future for the Panthers. From Tulare California, graduating from Mission Oak High School, Seth Logan really stood out his first year in the program.

Over his final season, Franchomme has helped groom Logan to the point where he can pass the torch over to him. Logan had a solid season by being a complete tight end. He did a little of everything such as block, catch, and even special teams! As a second-string tight end, Logan was able to catch two touchdowns. Logan mentioned that it’s an honor to be seen as someone that can be just as successful as Franchomme. He learned a lot behind Franchomme. When asked what he learned from the All-American tight end he said, “He taught me what to, what not to do, and receiving wise, he was just a huge help.” Although Logan and Franchomme are tight with each other, the competition between them was always intense, each battling making each other better, and the love was always there.

Logan and Franchomme doing their handshake during Franchomme’s final home game. Source: Dana Fitch

As Franchomme passes the torch over, he had these words to say about the future star tight-end: “It was great and easy at the same time because Seth is constantly wanting to learn. He is one of those guys that other players instantly respect and accept on the team because of his maturity, his work ethic, and let’s face it, his talent on the football field.” Not only was Seth getting a lot of playing time as a freshman, he had his own formation package because coaches knew they could trust him. They knew he was doing exactly what he needed to do, and that he was going to give 100% every play he was on the field. From the first day of fall camp, Seth was asking questions on the plays, hand placement, blocking techniques, defensive coverages, etc. Franchomme also stated, “It was fascinating to see how fast he was improving all the while keeping the same drive towards progress. He probably doesn’t think so, but he definitely motivated me to get better. We were constantly raising the standard together and we always pushed each other to meet that standard, and raise it again. Can’t wait to see how he’ll dominate this conference in his next 3 years.”

Logan running into end zone for his second touchdown of the season while Franchomme cleared the way. Source: Dana Fitch

These are some very encouraging words from such a dynamic player. Ending his freshman season with some big accomplishments, he won “Most Outstanding Rookie.” Putting in countless hours and always perfecting his craft, Logan was honored to be noticed on such a high level from the team. The coaches believe in him and he looks forward to next season hopefully earning that starting tight-end job. Logan plans to get better both on and off the field and build his role as a leader for the program. Logan’s goal is to earn All-Conference as a ophomore and making it to the NCAA playoffs as a team.

Now that it is offseason, Logan feels that the team is getting better every day looking forward to next season. It is exciting to see what the upcoming Sophomore will bring to the table. A special shoutout to the All-American, tight-end, Franchomme. Thank you for all you have done to better the GU football program. The years you have put into the program will forever live on as the stepping stone for future players. Farewell Mr. All- American, your legacy will never be forgotten!

Media by Daniel Martinez.


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