Top 6 GU Professors as Disney Characters

Source: Reaghan Lesh

If you’re like me and grew up watching Disney movies, you’ve probably spent a good amount of time wondering which Disney character you think YOU would be. But during your time at GU, have you ever stopped to think about who your favorite professors here on campus would be? I sent out a survey asking students who their favorite GU professor was and why. I took the top six professors and matched them with Disney characters based on the students responses. Here’s what I came up with:

1. Dr. Ben Wayman as Mufasa

Source: Greenville University and Walt Disney Pictures.

Wayman is the Andrews Chair in Christian Unity and he teaches courses in Scripture, Theology, and Ministry. Much like Mufasa from The Lion King, Wayman is intelligent, trustworthy, confident, and is a prime example of a good leader. One student commented that Wayman is “very passionate about the courses he teaches.” Mufasa and Wayman are both loyal leaders who respect the circle of life and in turn the animals (students) respect them.

2. Danara Moore as Dory

Source: Greenville University and Disney Pixar.

Moore is the Director of Strategic Design and is responsible for all aspects of the Music Business department. Optimistic, kind, and a little bit forgetful are all traits Moore and Dory from Finding Nemo share. Like Dory, Professor Moore suffers from short term memory loss due to an accident that occurred back in 2010. Danara shared her story at chapel a few weeks ago and you can read more about it here. In Finding Nemo, Dory reminds us to believe in ourselves and “just keep swimming,” even if the people around you insist you’ll fail. Dory and Danara both have hearts of gold and are willing to go full lengths to help someone.

3. Dr. Eugene Dunkley as Genie

Source: Greenville University and Walt Disney Pictures.

Dunkley is an Associate Professor of Biology and is the Dean of Diversity. Much like Genie from Aladdin, Dunkley’s personality is too big to be contained in a tiny lamp. Funny, good-spirited, and full of energy, he is truly larger than life. One student mentioned that he keeps his classes entertaining and engaging. Dunkley also values building relationships with students, “He spends intentional time with students and truly has a heart for the relationships he builds.”

4. Dr. Matt Bernico as Jiminy Cricket

Source: Greenville University and Walt Disney Pictures.

Bernico is an Assistant Professor of Communications and Media Studies. Similar to how Jiminy Cricket provides as a conscience for Pinocchio, Bernico helps students achieve their educational goals. He has a great sense of knowledge about communication studies and he keeps his classes fun and relatable. Both Jiminy and Bernico add a comedic element while teaching valuable lessons.

5. Kelli Pryor as Cinderella

Source: Greenville University and Walt Disney Pictures.

Pryor is the Coordinator of Career Services and if you ever need help with your resume, internships, or anything career related Kelli Pryor is your go to. Pryor and Cinderella are both endearing, charming, and timeless. They both selflessly serve others and treat everyone around them with kindness. One student said, “You can tell she cares about each of her students. In all my years of school, I have never had such a caring teacher like her.”

6. Dr. Mauricio Nava as Buzz Lightyear

Source: Greenville University and Disney Pixar.

Nava is an Associate Professor of Language and Culture. He teaches Spanish and French courses and coordinates the Spanish program. “Hay un amigo en mí.” Like Buzz from the Toy Story franchise, Nava is known for his bravery and courage, but also his compassion, goofiness, and his capability of being a good friend. “He cares so much for his students and goes the extra mile to help them. He is always there whenever you need him and he has had a positive impact on my life.” Also who could forget the greatness that is Spanish mode Buzz from Toy Story 3?

Just like Disney characters, our professors here at GU all have special qualities that lead us, as students, to not be afraid to embrace our own uniqueness as well.

Didn’t see your favorite professor? Fill out this questionnaire and you might see them in a future article!


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