GU Professors as Disney Characters Part 2

Source: Reaghan Lesh

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… part two of Greenville University Professors as Disney characters! Once again, I took some of the top professors named in this survey and used students responses as well as some of my own knowledge to pair these GU professors with Disney characters. Here’s what I came up with this time:

1. Miriam Angela Porter as Mrs. Potts

Source: Greenville University and Walt Disney Pictures.

Porter is the Coordinator of Vocal Studies and is an instructor of music here at Greenville University. Just like Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast, Porter provides a motherly figure to her students. She’s very gentle, loving, selfless, ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­and kind but has the ability to be stern when the situation calls for her to be. As an “incredible vocal coach and inspiring Christian,” Porter is well versed in performing and training in many music genres. She’s a worship leader and like Mrs. Potts, has a voice worthy of an Oscar.

2. Roy Muholland as Phil

Source: Greenville University and Walt Disney Pictures.

Mulholland, better known as Coach Mo, is the sport and kinesiology department chair. He’s also the head coach of the women’s basketball team. If there’s anyone who knows anything about winning, it’s Coach Mo and Phil from Hercules. Phil coached Hercules to become one of the greatest heroes there ever was and during his tenure at GU, Mulholland picked up his 500th career win as well as leading the team to many NCAA appearances. More importantly, Coach Mo deeply values the relationships he builds with his students and players. Both Mo and Phil have a big heart for the people around them.

3. Dr. George Peters as Doc Hudson

Source: Greenville University and Disney Pixar.

Peters is the Mathematics department chair. One student said “He demonstrates his immense amount of knowledge every week. He obviously knows what he’s doing, but is also aware that his students may not understand everything on the first try. He has a real passion for helping students learn.” Doc Hudson from Disney Pixar’s Cars is respected and admired by the townsfolk of Radiator Springs. Doc is wise and uses his racing knowledge to mentor a young Lightning McQueen. Peters is similar in this way as he teaches and guides his students.

4. Dr. Courtney Bailey Parker and Hannah Shanks as Elsa and Anna

Source: Greenville University and Walt Disney Pictures.

After the last article was sent out, I received a tweet from Courtney Bailey Parker saying that her and Hannah Shanks were definitely Elsa and Anna from Frozen, and I have to say that I completely agree with her.

Within the CVCMS, Parker teaches courses in theatre history, writing, dramatic literature, and more. Despite the hair color difference, Parker and Elsa share similar characteristics. They are both strong, caring, and elegant. Just like how Elsa cares for her younger sister Anna, Parker “is always willing to help her students.” Elsa also tends to have a dramatic side, similarly, Parker is very talented in theatre and works professionally as an actor in St. Louis.

On the other hand, Shanks is the Director of the social work program and teaches courses within social work. Both Shanks and Anna are kind, optimistic, and determined. One student said that she is “very resourceful and is always open to new ideas and adventures.” Like Anna, she has a genuine and loving heart of a princess.

5. Deloy Cole as Cornelius (Lewis) Robinson

Source: Greenville University and Walt Disney Pictures.

Deloy is a Professor of Digital Media and Computer Information Systems and is also the chair of the Digital Media Department. Much like Cornelius Robinson, *spoiler alert* the older Lewis from the future in Meet the Robinsons, Deloy is highly passionate about what he does and has great knowledge about technology. In the movie, Cornelius is an inventor and he’s developed the phrase “Keep Moving Forward” this is similar to Deloy’s motto, “#FailForward” as he encourages his students to learn from their mistakes and to not give up.

6. Dr. Teresa Holden as Flora

Source: Greenville University and Walt Disney Pictures.

Holden is the Dean of the school of arts and sciences, an assistant professor of history/political science and French. The good fairies in Sleeping Beauty are a dream team, but there’s no question that Flora leads the pack. Without her, the hiding of Aurora wouldn’t be possible. Just like how Flora cares for the princess, Holden “genuinely cares about her students and their educations. She wholeheartedly invests in her students and makes a big difference in their lives.”


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