GU Baseball Alumni Game

Greenville University Alumni. Credit: Dustin Phelps

Friday, October 18th, was the last night of fall baseball on the campus of Greenville University for this year. It was the GU Baseball alumni game and it was a brisk night. It is probably one of the most fun nights of the year as former players get to come back and compete against the current Greenville Panthers. Friends and families of all generations of Panthers were in attendance and the feeling in the air was just one of fun; but, you could still feel the competitiveness in the air amongst the two teams. 

Alumnus Bryce Pearce stepping into the batter’s box. Credit: Dustin Phelps.

Alumni games are strange. There is always some friendly banter going on between the two teams and the head coach Lynn Carlson is conversing with many of his former players in the opposing dugout.  The game itself was not much of a real contest as the final score ended 16-1 in the favor of the current GU Panthers with the scoring came early and often. The alumni were finally able to scratch across a run in the 9th inning as they were moments away from being shut out. However, that is the lesser meaning of what this game meant to the participants. It was the camaraderie and feeling of family between all the players. Former Panther Jesse Getz said, “I just love coming back here to play in this game just because there are still some guys on the team I played with when they were freshmen. These guys have really grown and you can see the impact that they are making now for the program.”

Alumnus Phillip Reedy playing second base. Credit: Dustin Phelps.

When asking freshmen first baseman Landon Mokris about his first alumni game experience, he said, “It was just cool interacting with all these guys I have never really talked to before, but have gone through some of the same stuff that I did through my first semester of college. I think these kind of events just really make you appreciate having these teammates for the years that you are here not just as teammates but as brothers in baseball.” 

Sometimes the biggest tribulations in life come when we least expect it and having a band of the brothers like the Greenville University baseball team who support each other in any way possible is the best way to get through those. This one special night is a chance to forget all other things going on in the world and play a game we all enjoyed as kids. We bond by knowing we have had the God-given opportunity to play in college and have fun with our brothers.

Be sure to stay tuned for what the Greenville Panthers have in store for everyone in the up and coming spring season. Their season begins in Atlanta in late February. An updated 2020 schedule will be available soon for viewing so you know when and where to be. They also have a team store open from October 18th till the end of the month. This will give you an opportunity to purchase GU Panther Baseball gear and support the program as well.

Media by Dustin Phelps.



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