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There are four gospels in the Bible, and they are Mark, Mathew, Luke, and John. They all serve different purposes. The authors are different in their own ways, each author saw Jesus and wrote the story about Jesus through their perspectives. 

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According to Insight, “Mark’s gospel portrays Jesus as constantly on the move. The forward motion in Mark’s writing keeps the knowledgeable reader’s mind continually looking ahead to the cross and the resurrection. Thirty-nine times Mark used the word immediately, giving a sense that Jesus’s time on earth was short and that there was much to accomplish in His few years of ministry.” This book talks about Jesus, especially his ministry years. The author wrote parables, like the story about the sower, and a parable about a seed sprouting. The purpose of parables in Mark, according to City Light Church, is this reason, “Those who had continually received the Word of God through the prophets and finally through the Son of God and continually rejected it, God in His wisdom, would no longer give explicit teaching, but would use parables as a way to obscure or hide the truth as a means of judgment upon them”. Jesus told them in a way that the Pharisees did not understand, but the disciples could understand it. Pharisees did not pay attention to the parables because it had nothing to do with the Old Testament.

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The Bible Project says this about the book of Mathew, “Matthew begins with details of how Jesus descends from the line of David, making Him a king. It proceeds to share Jesus’ teachings that prove He’s an authoritative teacher like Moses. Throughout the book, we see that Jesus is Emmanuel, or God with us, and welcomes everyone into the upside down kingdom where leaders serve. From the calling of the disciples to the parables to the Great Commission, this New Testament book shows readers how the promises and prophecies God made to His people in the Old Testament do come to pass through Jesus.” Jesus addresses the Ten Commandments and the prophets from the Old Testament.

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According to the Bible Project, “Luke documents how Jesus expands God’s kingdom and covenant by creating a new Israel that includes the poor, outcasts, and others to whom Jesus brings restoration and reverses their life circumstances as He gives them freedom and release from the tyranny of evil and sin.” Jesus is the key to everything. He knows how to meet the needs of humanity for a successful and happy life, and He is the only one who can fill us. This book goes through His birth, to being baptized by His cousin, to the resurrection through a different lens other than Mathew. The book of Luke has parables similar to Mark.

Also according to the Bible Project, the book of John says, “He also uses His time on earth to introduce people to the new birth. By believing that He is the Messiah and God’s son, they have eternal life and freedom from sin and are empowered to perform radical acts of kindness, generosity and selfless love as they listen to His voice and obey Him.” All of these Gospels write from a different lens about Jesus and every gospel is unique in their own way.

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