ORANGE FRIDAY at The Panther Clawset!

Media by Wyatt Boyer.

Greenville University is very fortunate to have their very own campus store that is filled with awesome GU merchandise from clothing brands like Nike, North Face, and much more! The Panther Clawset is located on 500 Ganton Cir. in Greenville, IL, which is in the middle of the campus, next door to Jo’s Java. Their hours are from 10:30am – 4:30pm every Monday – Friday. Saturday and Sunday the store is closed unless open for special occasions, just like this Thursday, November 21st.

Media by Wyatt Boyer.

The Panther Clawset opened for the first time in August of 2017, and they have a special day that rules in with the holidays around this time. It is called “Orange Friday,” which is the Panther Clawset’s version of Black Friday. For the third year in a row, the store has opened to the late hours of 10:30pm to sell doorbuster items while supplies last. They have $4 t-shirts, $8 long sleeve shirts, $10 crewnecks, and $13 hoodies, with special designs only available for that day. They also have a sale where you can purchase a regular priced item, and get another item for 50% off (excluding doorbuster items.) 

Hanson Hartwig with his purchases. Media by Wyatt Boyer.

The line of GU students began to form an hour before the store reopened at 10:30pm, and students waited eagerly to get inside. Once the doors opened, it was complete chaos to grab those items as quickly as possible. The hot items were the new GU t-shirts, hoodies, crew neck sweatshirts, and hoodies that are made just for the sale. Hanson Hartwig was one of the first customers to enter the store and he grabbed as much as he could before the crowds could swallow him. 

The sales started on Thursday night and last until Friday afternoon. Another customer who grabbed many items for himself was able to get in and get out quickly. Clarence Falls III gave a little insight on what he got and encourages students who did not come out to try it out next year!

Clarence Falls III on his Orange Friday experience.
Media by Wyatt Boyer.

One of the workers, Marissa Gomez, who is a student at Greenville University, excitingly gives her view on working during this time year compared to any other day. She also recommended students to try out Orange Friday if they have not already.

Marissa Gomez on her work experience during Orange Friday.

The Panther Clawset also has an online store that includes special items for the specific sports teams at Greenville during their seasons. Right now, the online store exclusively has basketball merchandise to purchase! Head on over to their website to find these limited items before they go away at

Marissa Horning paying for her Orange Friday purchases. Media by Wyatt Boyer.

Black Friday has been around since the early 1950s in the United States of America. As an American shopping holiday, it was not until recently that Black Friday became known as the Friday after Thanksgiving. Stores open at crazy hours like 5:00am or 6:00am to give jaw-dropping deals while their supplies last. It is a great way to get early Christmas presents or to just spoil yourself. Recently, stores have started opening at the late-night hours of Thanksgiving Thursday to start their deals. This only makes sense for Greenville University’s Panther Clawset to have their own type of store holiday, considering that the campus is closed during the time of Thanksgiving


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