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ORANGE FRIDAY at The Panther Clawset!

Greenville University is very fortunate to have their very own campus store that is filled with awesome GU merchandise from clothing brands like Nike,...

Gifts: A God-Directed Future

As a kid, I remember being asked: “what do you want to be when you grow up?” From the age of five to the...

Redefined: Purpose Through the Lens Of Faith

Written by Jonathan Bremer. Media by Cord Buchanan. In a world with so many distractions and directions that call out to us, it is not...

12 Things Graduating Seniors Should Add to Their Wishlists

Written by Skylar Bareford. Media by Sara Dawson. Are you graduating soon? Now is a good time to start thinking about practical items to add...

5 Great Grad Gifts

Graduation is just around the corner, and it is a great time to show seniors how much you care. Here are five great little somethings to give to your favorite senior!

Black Friday

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, people are probably getting pretty excited – for some time off of work and school, delicious food (and lots of it), football, and an early start on some Christmas gift shopping. Black Friday is just around the corner, coming with the promise of good deals, long check-out lines, huge crowds, and possibly injuries and violence. Spending less money is a good thing, but at what point will we stop and wonder if it is worth the Black Friday chaos?