Talk that Talk Ep1: All About Faith with Tawon Swinson

Media by Russell Lamb.

This is the first of a podcast series hosted by Russell Lamb. It’s a place where the voices of students can be heard and understood. A variety of topics will be covered in this series, but today’s topic is all about faith with Tawon Swinson. Tune in to hear what Mr. Swinson has to say about Vespers, prayer, and more!

Media by Russell Lamb.


  1. Thanks, Russell and Tawon. I appreciate the topic and your honesty. In addition, I was personally encouraged by the pursuit both of you have for intimacy with Jesus.

  2. This was a very honest and encouraging podcast. I plan on sharing it around. It brought joy to my heart. Russell, your questions and the pace of your questions were great. You enabled Tawon to tell his story well. That’s good interviewing. Thanks to both of you.


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