The Day of Romance: Valentine’s Day

Dylan Webster, a Greenville University freshman, sat down to answer a few questions about Valentine’s Day. When asked what his ideal Valentine’s Day date was, he responded, “A homemade meal with a home projector to watch movies on all day.” What was the most unique gift idea he could think of for Valentine’s Day? “A self-made card with a long note inside.” What is his favorite Valentine’s Day candy? “The sweet-tart convo hearts.”


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Saint Valentine
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Valentine was said to be a saint during the third century of Rome, so what does this have to do with love? Claudius II once had the idea that single soldiers who did not have families were better fighters. Valentine thought otherwise, secretly performing marriages in private. Eventually, Claudius II discovered that these things were taking place, so he ordered Valentine to be beheaded. Another legend has it that Valentine was actually attempting to help Christians escape the harsh punishment of the Romans when they were being put in jail. It is also said that someone named Valentine sent his lover a letter in jail before he was put to his death. This is such a popular legend as this is where the term “from your Valentine” comes from. It has not been confirmed which story is 100% true, but in all instances we can see Valentine as a very caring and sympathetic individual.

How it’s Celebrated Here

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Valentine’s Heart-Shaped Box
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Valentine’s Day does not just mean a day for all of the romantic relationships in the world. It is also a day that many people, close friends, schools, etc. can exchange cards or other gifts as a gesture of friendship. Valentine’s Day seems to become more and more popular as technology evolves. Rather than going to the Hallmark store, many people do online transactions from the comfort of their home. Even with this, hundreds of millions of cards are bought each year. Flowers, candies, and other thoughtful gifts are given away, but the most popular gift is the heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Ever Wondered How Important Valentine’s Day is?

Valentine’s Day StatisticsData
Average annual Valentine’s Day spending$18,500,000,000
Number of Valentine’s Day cards exchanged annually180 Million
Average number of roses produced for Valentine’s Day224,000,000
Percent of Valentine’s Day cards bought by women85 %
Percent of all flowers purchased by men73 %
Percent of women who send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day14 %
Amount the average consumer spends on Valentine’s Day$130.21
Percent of consumers who celebrate Valentine’s Day61.8 %
Percent of women who would end their relationship if they didn’t get something for Valentines day.53 %
The percentage of people who will type a romantic text message.29%
Pounds of chocolate purchased during the week of Valentine’s Day58 Million
Number of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate purchased for Valentine’s Day36 Million
Sweatheart Conversation Hearts produced annually with the majority being sold between Jan 1 and Feb 148 Billion
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Valentine’s Flower
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Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many other countries, as many have their own traditions. With that being said, all stick to the same basis of doing something thoughtful and caring for one another.


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