GU Baseball: Panther Leaders

Two of the Panthers leaders. Media by Zach Levy.

The Greenville Panthers Baseball team has had leaders throughout the years like Robert E. Smith, Lynn Carlson, and so many more at Greenville College and Greenville University. The 2020 Panthers had twelve leaders, but there are two that really stand out – seniors Clarence Falls and Grant Carman.

Falls hitting in last weekend’s games. Media by Wyatt Boyer.

Clarence Falls is from Bloomington, Illinois and has had success at GU on and off the field. On the field, he is a career .262 hitter and has been in the Panthers’ lineup almost every game since his sophomore year! Falls also does a lot off the field. Falls served as an RA, leads a bible study, and ran Ultimate Frisbee on campus every Sunday.

Falls is one of the most energetic people you can meet on GU’s campus. He is going to try to find a job and start a family after his time here at GU, and hopes to run an after school program and/or a day camp one day.

“Get to know the guys older than you and get involved on campus. You’re gonna love your teammates but this campus has so much more to offer” is a statement from Falls when asked to give advice to new students and players coming to GU. Falls said his biggest obstacle that he has had to overcome at GU was “adjusting to making it on my own while reaching out when necessary. There have been many trying times here on campus whether it be exclusive to the campus or a countrywide thing. There have been plenty of times when I needed to shoulder things myself but I’ve also needed to call on others to help me out.”

Carman (throwing) and Falls (backing up) in last weekend’s game. Media by Wyatt Boyer.
Carman throwing in-game. Media by Wyatt Boyer.

Grant Carman is from Carlyle, Illinois and had a rollercoaster of a career here at GU. Despite adversity, you would never see Carmon without a smile on his face. Due to having arm surgery last year, he was unable to play. During that time he was always there supporting and cheering on his teammates. His first full season, sophomore year, he had a .366 batting average and he was off to a great start this year.

When asked what was his biggest obstacle was at GU, Carman said, “It has to be my injuries. My playing time went from being platooned in the outfield as a sophomore, to be out of all junior year with Tommy John Surgery, to trying to win a spot back this year and it’s not easy. Especially after not picking up a bat for six months.” Persevering through injuries gave Carman a great story to tell new students and players that look to come to GU. Carman said, “If I had any advice to incoming players here to GU, I would say to never take the moments you get here for granted. College goes by even faster than high school did, so live these four years to the fullest. After graduation, we are all out in the real world, so have some fun and enjoy the time you have here while you can.”

Carman getting his leadoff on first. Media by Wyatt Boyer.

Carman is getting his undergrad degree in Physical Education and would like to coach baseball in the future. When Carman was asked who had the biggest impact on him in the GU classroom and on the field, he said, “In the classroom, my biggest influence was Caleb Watts. Watts graduated back when I was a sophomore. He was also a PE major and wanted to be a coach. After he graduated he went on and become a teacher and the baseball coach of a high school near his hometown. He really believed that I was called to do the same thing and I appreciated that more than he knew. On the field, I am influenced by my roommate Andrew Torbeck. We have been through a lot together here at GU including a few injuries. I am excited that we are finally both healthy at the same time and get one last season together before graduating.”

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Media by Zach Levy.


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