The Top Winners of 2020: Magician Edition

Focused image of Ace's from a deck of cards.
Media by Jason Dossett.

Continuing this week of the top winners of 2020, we will be focusing on the top five magicians.

5. Cyril Takayama

First up is the talented and brilliant magician, Cyril Takayama, who is known for his creativity and fun style. Takayama is well known from Japan, but also has a wide community of fans from all over. One of his most creative tricks was when he grabbed a burger from the menu and leaves nothing but the outline of the burger as he reveals a real one out of nowhere.

Media by Mcknockout777.

4. Michael Carbonaro

Michael Carbonaro takes spot number four as he is known for his hidden camera magic tv show where he will trick and confuse those going about their daily lives with a comedic aspect. Carbonaro does day to day tricks as he pretends to work at certain stores and tricks those who come in. An example of this is a trick that he did that involved bringing a stuffed animal to life as he would confuse the customer that was shopping there.

Media by truTV.

3. Penn & Teller

The dynamic duo of Penn & Teller takes the third spot on the list as they have been performing with each other since the late 1970s while they entertain their audience with both comedy and a good trick. One of their best tricks involved a water tank and a simple card trick that blows people away along with laughter as Teller stays in the water tank while Penn slowly does the trick. Teller slowly begins to pretend to die and eventually reveals the card that was picked inside the tank.

Media by Magic Week.

2. Shin Lim

Next up is Shin Lim as he is known for card manipulation and sleight of hand. Lim is also known for being the winner of season 13 of America’s Got Talent show as he blew the audience and judges away. One of the biggest tricks that Lim did was making a card disappear into someone’s pocket and then made it reappear by bringing it out of his mouth with a puff of smoke.

Media by Magicians Got Talent.

1. David Blaine

Lastly, is no other than the man himself, David Blaine. Blaine is one of the most daring and impressive magicians that there has ever been as he has done a variety of tricks such as close up card tricks, being buried alive, and even catching a bullet with his mouth. Blaine pushes himself beyond the limits of what one may think is possible and proves that the mind is one of the strongest things that human beings have.

Media by David Blaine.

Another point of view comes from GU students Benn Jane as he says,

“David Blaine is one of the craziest people in the world. I don’t know if he’s truly a magician or a daredevil. I have seen a lot of his tricks and he is constantly pushing himself to the limit and has been close to dying several times.”

Jane believes that Blaine is a very determined man who will try to accomplish any task that he sets his mind to. This shows how Blaine is one of the best because of his will and power to be the best. He shows that it is possible to do what is thought to be impossible. Jane also says, “He is my favorite magician because he always does tricks that blow people’s minds…I have no idea how he does what he does.” This is very true and Blaine has proven this many times as he is always trying to go bigger and better than before.

Overall, these magicians are some of the best from 2020 and have proven so by blowing our minds every day with confusion. Their tricks, presentation, and delivery are so spot-on, which allows them to be some of the best there are.


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