K-POP Is More Special Than You Thought

KPOP WORLD. Media edited by Sang Nguyen Xuan.

K-pop is getting more prevalent than ever before. More than 25% of millenials and gen Z from different ethnics prefer listening to K-Pop, according to All K-POP. The world of K-POP is so diverse ranging from fashion styles to genres of music. K-POP is considered a perfect choice for entertainment, but actually, music lovers can also learn from K-POP songs. There are three main attributes of K-POP that people can learn from.

Let’s start with the phrase that “K-POP is the book of fashion”, from Principe Duong, a Vietnamese student studying in Seoul, Korea. K-POP idols and their stylists never stick with only one style; in other words, they are known to be versatile. For example, a male K-POP star can be sweet with wavy black hair, just like the boy next door in his debut song, but then he can have more machismo in other songs after only a month. The same goes for female K-pop idols. They can transform 360 degrees from the baby-doll style with pink dresses into female warriors with camouflage outfits accompanying high ankle boots and golden chains. Their appearances are taken care of by their stylists, who have to ensure head-to-toe perfection. K-POP groups look very synchronized on and off stage. The great thing is that the audience can learn from them. If people decide to hang out with a group of friends and coordinate outfits to have nice shoots, they can look to their favorite K-POP idols styles for inspiration. One of the most popular fashion styles of K-POP stars is layering. The name presents everything. There is an equation for this style. Korean outfits for males are equal to the sum of long sleeves shirts, informal blazer or trench coat, black pants, and silver accessories. For ladies, putting on crop-tops and jeans or applying the same as males will make their looks more stunning and powerful.   

Clothes are not the only thing that K-POP stars use to rock the world. They are also popular with natural and glowing makeup looks. They focus mainly on light and natural foundation. Most Koreans have monolid eyes (an eyelid shape without a crease), so they always try to make their eyes look more soulful by adding dark colors such as brown, black, or purple. Sometimes, they can slay the stages or attend fashion shows by adding some small pearls or glitters.

Media by YG Entertainment.
Media by YG Entertainment.

Additionally, the hairstyles are out of this world. Both males and females K-POP idols love playing with their hair. Take Jennie from BLACKPINK, for example. Jennie decided to bleach just the front part of her hair for her group’s single “How You Like That.” This decision exploded the trending hashtags on Twitter. People were crazy about it. #jenniehair stayed one of the top trends for months. 

K-POP also benefits its admirers’ and participants’ bodies. This fact might sound weird, but actually, it is very realistic. K-POP idols are well-known or their “perfect” body shapes. Females are super curvy and slim, while males have masculine and robust builds. There are many questions about this phenomenon. The answer is so easy that most people do not realize it. They dance most of the day. Lisa, the youngest member of BLACKPINK, shared on a Chinese television show named, “Youth with You”, that “normally the practice classes will take place from 12 am to 12 pm.” However, people do not have to spend 12 hours to dance as Lisa did. This example emphasizes the fact that dancing can partially help people be healthier and probably help them lose a couple of pounds. With the 30-minute intense dancing practice, people can burn up to 400 calories, which is pretty amazing. Hyolyn, Jessi, or SEVENTEEN are prime examples. With those strong movements, people can be more flexible and active.

Media by Bridg.
Media by PNATION.
Media by PLEDIS Entertainment.

Last but not least, “K-POP is the book of culture”, stated by My Nguyen, a student at Dai Nam University. Culture is always a universal factor in music. Listeners can learn more about Korean traditional clothes – Hanbok, or some traditional musical instruments such as flute, drum, and gayageum. In the latest music video, BLACKPINK wore the renovated version of the Korean hanbok, which looks more modern and fashionable version and is similar to OH MY GIRLS. In the competition named Queendom, these girls wore modern pieces of hanbok and danced on the music with the sound of Korean flute, drum, and gayageum. After their performances, international audiences can have a better view of Korean traditions.

In brief, K-POP is similar to the kaleidoscope. Every time people listen to K-POP songs or watch the music videos, they will have a lot of “woah” moments caused by its diversity and soulfulness. 


  1. IMO K-POP is a pretty amazing thing. While it has grown up in a country with a somewhat homogeneous society, it has gained diversity as it has tried to captivate the world. K-POP singers even sing in different languages if they promote in different countries, which in turn encourages K-POP labels to get singers from those countries and creates the diversifying cycle.

    • I really appreciate your insights. That’s so true. KPOP idols now also sing in different languages to approach the global music industry!


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