Greenville Men’s Basketball Takes it to the Diamond

Baseball glove and bat with a basketball
Media by Ryan Taylor.
Men's Basketball Week Recap | Greenville University Papyrus
Media by Greenville University.

At Greenville University, it is not uncommon to hear of things that may seem slightly unusual to those on the outside looking in. On Tuesday, October 6th, 2020, the men’s basketball and baseball teams met for a competitive game of baseball or “tee ball.” Due to their obvious upper hand, the baseball team changed a few rules of the game to better assist the basketball team in having a bit of success. This act forced the game to become fairer, and helped the game to be close in the score which led to an overall competitive match up. For example, when at bat, the basketball team was allowed to have a man at first base as well as another one waiting to explode off of second. Despite the slight “advantage” the basketball team had, the end result was a win in fashion… for the baseball team. At the bottom of the final inning, the basketball team was at bat and prepared to overcome the current 5-run lead GU Baseball held. Junior transfer shooting guard, Kenneth Cooley, missed his first two swings but held confidence that the third one would be a hit. He took his final swing and connected the bat to the ball. As the ball lifted from the tee, the unthinkable happened. Junior and third baseman, Noah Casali, dove shoulders-first and completed a quick reaction catch.. but wait, there’s more! Not only did Casali complete the first out, but somehow managed to tag a baserunner and launch the ball to first base to complete a triple play. This ended the game in the final inning with a score of 19-25 in favor of the baseball team.

Media by George Barber
2017 SLIAC Baseball Tournament Preview
Media by SLIAC.

Prior to the baseball game, Head Men’s Basketball Coach George Barber and his team have been involved in many chemistry building events with the other sports here at Greenville. When asked what influenced this unusual decision, Barber gave all credit to an old friend by the name of Bruce Brown. Brown is an extreme advocate for proactive coaching and has even written books on the subject. “Don’t be afraid to do things with teams other than your own. Make it light, but make it fun!” is a piece of advice that Brown shared with Barber that has and always will stick with him. As far as the upcoming basketball season, the team and coaching staff have high hopes in their possible success. “We finished in second place for the past two years, and first place in the previous three years so I think this year we will be a conference tournament contender. If we continue to strengthen our team chemistry, we have a good chance of winning it all. We have a very, very good team but overall, chemistry is going to be the key difference maker between us and the other teams in our conference” said Barber.

With both teams already putting the work in months in advance, the successful season will be within reach. Good luck to all Greenville sports this year! Go Panthers!

Media by Ryan Taylor.


  1. Sounds like an fun exciting game. I would have loved to watch it via video. Thank you for allowing the chance to take a break from the mundane and enjoy a friendly / competitive outing.

  2. I think it was a great idea to match the baseball team with the basketball team. It is building sportsmanship and bonding the students in a constructive way. Great article, Tyler.

  3. This was a great read!! Felt like I was there watching the game. I can imagine how much fun they were having out there. I love the idea of bringing different teams together to play. I’m sure this created new friendships and a love/appreciation for a new sport. Keep it up!


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