NBA Finals: 5 Bold Predictions

Assembled by Jason Dossett.

The time has come for the NBA Finals of 2020 with the Los Angeles Lakers facing the Miami Heat. The Lakers are sitting at 17 championship wins while the Heat are only at 4 as Jimmy Butler and the team are trying to add another to the list. This would be Butler’s first championship win of his career while LeBron James is fighting for his fourth championship win. In the spirit of the championship season and many rooting for their own teams, here are 5 bold predictions of what could happen in the Finals.

1. Heat in 6
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The first prediction is that the Heat will be crowned champions in 6 games. While this may be an unpopular opinion, it is believed that once the Heat get in the rhythm of being in the Finals, they will begin knocking down shots that will get the job done.

2. Butler & Herro Drop Double Digits

The second prediction of the series is that Jimmy Butler and Tyler Herro will both drop double digits in every game. This is pretty likely because these are two very important players for the Heat and they will be needed to outperform the Lakers in shots both inside and outside the arc.

3. Heat & Lakers Score Over 100 Each

In Game 3, both the Heat and Lakers will reach triple digits for the final score. Once each team gets a feel for how this NBA Finals series will go, these teams will begin picking up the pace as they will be making buckets. This will be one of the higher scoring games of the series with both teams reaching over 100 points and having their top scorers reach over 30 points each.

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4. Lakers Win Game 4 in Overtime

Game 4 will go into overtime resulting in a win for the Lakers. This will be a close battle for both the Heat and Lakers as the lead will be going back and forth until the time runs out resulting in overtime. While this may be the case, the Lakers will manage to pull out the win as LeBron James and Anthony Davis will lead them to victory.

5. Heat Crowned Champions With A Buzzer Beater Shot

Finally, the most bold prediction of them all is that the Heat will win in Game 6 with a buzzer beater shot giving them the title of the 2020 NBA Champions. This game will be a high intensity game as both teams are fighting for their chance to be crowned victorious. The score will be going back and forth all the way down the wire as one of the Miami Heat players will take the final shot to win it all.

Other predictions come from GU students David Yakim and Damian Garcia as they give their opinion of who they think will win the series and their response to the predictions above.

Yakim says, “I think that the Lakers will win the series 4-2 in Game 6. These predictions are possible, but the Lakers have more of a chance since it is far more than just a game to them.” This is a solid point as many players on the Lakers have been around for a while and they are self-driven to be the best they can be.

Garcia says, “The Lakers are going to win in Game 6 because of the players and passion that they have. I also think that their passion is driven from them to win in honor of Kobe Bryant’s death.” Many of the the players on the Lakers have had a relationship with Kobe and are wanting to honor him.

Catch the 2020 NBA Finals as the series continues and to see if the Heat or the Lakers have what it takes to come out on top and these predictions come true.


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