Planning the Perfect Party: Spooky Edition

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It is finally October, or “Spooky Season” as some call it. This is the time where it is perfectly normal for people to dress up in their most ridiculous costumes and scare others. It includes the two days out of the year where kids will ring the doorbells of every house in the neighborhood and say “Trick or Treat,” receiving candy in return. It is a holiday most individuals get prepped and excited for weeks in advance. Here is your survival guide to help you plan the most perfect Halloween bash of the season, along with tips and advice from Cayden Sharp, a junior at Greenville University. When Halloween is brought up, Sharp is who is brought to mind. She has a pair of Halloween leggings for each day of the week, and she even dyed her hair purple for the October season last year! She for sure has the Halloween spirit, so take in the advice she has given. Read if you dare.

Decorations are first on the list. What even is Halloween without decorations, especially spooky ones? A lot of individuals go all out on decorations. Some even make their own haunted house. From carved pumpkins to DIY skeletons, the list of decorations is endless. Sharp discussed how she would decorate her dorm, explaining, “I would put a pumpkin outside sitting in front of my door. I would hang streamers and a ghost on my door. In my room, I would put up a bunch of orange lights, and even have a fog machine. I would top it off with little pumpkins and ghosts everywhere and streamers hanging from the ceiling!”

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Second on the list is the costumes. Costumes can come from many different ideas. Some popular costumes include cats, ghosts, witches, princesses, and more. Costumes can even be based on something you enjoy a lot. For Sharp, hers happens to be Vine-based(Vine used to be an app where people would post funny videos). Sharp stated, “I would make it Vine-themed, so I would have everyone dress up as a character from a popular Vine video.” This idea is very different from your common costumes, but that just makes it stand out even more. “I would personally dress up as the ‘road work ahead’ sign from the Vine that says: ‘Road work ahead? Uh, yeah, I sure hope it does,'” continued Sharp.

Witch way to the candy? Everyone comes to the party for food, so of course, that is third on the list. Now is the time to load your Pinterest feed with all the spooky Halloween recipes. Feeling scary? Maybe you can create a “blood” fruit punch. If you would like to stay simple, there are always the classic ghost cupcakes. Sharp’s menu consists of “lots and lots of candy. I would also say some orange fruit punch with pumpkin pie. I would also add some cookies that are in the shape of ghosts, pumpkins, or monsters.” Sharp said what you could find in her trick or treat bag would be “M&Ms, Hershey’s Chocolate, Reeses, and Kit Kats.”

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Inevitably, the list has to include a classic Halloween movie. Sharp’s movie choice would be Halloweentown. “It is my favorite Halloween movie and I watched it all the time as a kid. It would be a movie that everyone could enjoy.” She is looking to host a spine-chilling good time!

Pumpkin carving and painting is last on the spooky list. Sometimes carving pumpkins can be tricky, but it always leads to a great time. “My pumpkin personally would look very bad and deformed because I am not good at carving, but I would tell everyone to save their pumpkin seeds so we can bake them and eat them!” Sharp stated. That sounds like a skele-ton of fun!

Hopefully, this list helps create the most spook-tacular Halloween bash. Keep creepin’ it real this Halloween and remember to BYOB (bring your own broomstick).

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