The Art of the Shoe Business

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Shoes have evolved from a simple fashion staple to now something that many people consider a life hobby. While many people may not realize the value of a shoe, there are those who are called “sneaker heads” that definitely know a thing or two about shoes.

Back To The Future

One of the greatest shoes of all time are considered to be the Nike Air MAG’s 2016 edition. This shoe went above and beyond as it made it’s reappearance with an auto-lacing system from Nike Adapt Technology. Not only does this shoe look cool, but the rarity of it makes the value go up way more with only 89 pairs in existence. The Nike Air MAG’s had an average resale value of around $25,000, which is almost triple the cost of the 2011 edition of the shoe. This limited pair of shoes would definitely be one that would want to be kept around for a while.

Benn Jane, a sneaker enthusiast, says, “The Nike Air MAGs for example are high top sneakers that tie themselves and are well worth over $20,000.”

Sneaker Reselling Is Embraced by Auction Houses With Rare Shoes – Footwear  News
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The Reverse Swoosh

Another top of the line shoe that would break the bank if you were able to get your hands on it is the Backwards Swoosh Air Jordan 1 ‘Shattered Backboard.’ Originally a simple factory flaw, these shoes’ value has sky-rocketed since then. According to HypeBeast, this one of a kind shoe is worth around $146,000 with s backwards Nike swoosh. While the uniqueness of this sneaker is valuable, the question of whether to keep, trade, or sell it would definitely be on one’s mind.

Another opinion comes from Eric Miller, a sneaker head, who says, “I would have to say that the Jordan 1 model is the most popular shoe because I always see people wearing it. I have a pair of Jordan 1s, and they are really nice.”

Jane continues, “The Shattered Backboard Jordan 1s are one of the rarest pairs of sneakers ever made, and they were actually made on accident.”

Air Jordan 1 “Reverse Shattered Backboard” | HYPEBEAST
Media by Dropout Milan.

The Black Mamba

A third shoe that was only exclusive to friends and family were the Air Jordan Kobe PE Retro 8’s. They were originally designed in honor of Kobe’s 20 years in the NBA. While this shoe may have never officially been released, the thought of owning a pair of these is absolutely mental. This shoe is considered to have an upward value of around $80,000, and its limited edition only raises the value so much more.

Media by Mario Briguglio.

Overall, shoes have definitely made their mark on the economy as some of their values are just the same as – if not more than – the price of a college education. Shoes have also made their mark on culture, proving themselves to be much more than just something you wear on your feet. A lot of people have even turned to owning shoes as a hobby. Miller and Jane explain their passion for shoes:

Miller says,

“I have always liked shoes my entire life, and it’s always nice to be able to get a fresh pair of shoes. I also like to resell shoes as well as my friend Benn Jane, who got me started with it. Shoes definitely shape who I am and are something I really enjoy.”

Jane continues,

“I have been obsessed with shoes for the last four years. I don’t know what it is about them, but it’s become more of an addiction at this point. Overall, I really enjoy shoes and the business that is being evolved with them.”

Thanks for reading and make sure to start collecting because you never know when you might just hit the jackpot with your next pair of sneakers.


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