Happy (Belated) World Esports Day!

Happy World Esports Day! Media by Joe Smith.

Have you ever heard of World Esports Day? Well, the Greenville University Esports Program wants to make sure that no one ever forgets it! With this holiday for gamers everywhere, the leaders of the esports program wanted to make sure it was super special for people all around campus. With multitudes of events from tournaments to hosting servers, they jam-packed that weekend to celebrate the momentous occasion. On top of the craziness came a chance for the hosts to get some opinions on future events in order to provide an opportunity for students’ input.

Here is an interview with Antwon Knight. Knight is the president of the gaming club as well as a huge leader in the esports program as a whole. He is also an intern for Coach Fink and was involved in a majority of the events for World Esports Day.

Interview with Antwon Knight (president of the gaming club and huge leader in the esports program). Media by Joe Smith.

Ready? Fight!

What better way to kick off a big esports weekend than tournaments to get a competitive feel in the air? Everyone was welcome to join along, and there were even prizes for winners. Even though everyone could participate, that did not stop the competing gamers from having fun on the path to the top. The tournament to kick it all off was Madden NFL 21. This game particularly appealed to all of the football fans out there and gave a chance to see who the best field dominator was. The next tournament to keep things in full swing was everyone’s favorite, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With a full arena to utilize and a full roster of known video game characters to fight, there was never a dull moment in the tournament. The next day came a new set of competitions with Mortal Kombat 11 and Tekken 7. These events may not have been nearly as popular, but they produced just as much fun and enjoyment. There were also side activities, such as party games, for those not competing to liven up the atmosphere. Keep an eye peeled for future tournaments so you can test your might! To sum things up, the tournaments were a ton of fun and opened up for plenty of crazy matches!

Imagination and Imposters

With the weekend opening of the esports events came the grand opening of the official Greenville University Esports Minecraft Server with Among Us games being hosted on the side. The Minecraft server had options for survival starts, creative creations, and even hellacious hunger games. It was opened for students all over campus to enjoy and create. The server is constantly being updated and developed upon with new features and scenery changes. Word on the street is that it will change for each holiday, so make sure to pop in and check out the amazing designs of the administrators. The Among Us matches were chalked full of trickery and mischief. Hard to tell who is the snake in the grass with that group of hooligans! The new Minecraft server is up and running for all to use and the Among Us matches attracted a ton of gremlins!

Legends in the Making?

Apex Legends Esports Team watch party. Media by Joe Smith.

On the same Saturday that a lot of these events took place, the esports team happened to start their Apex Legends season. The hosts of the event were gracious enough to let everyone see the athletes at work as they had a watch party for the team’s matches. The junior varsity squad went off against some of the top schools in the league and put in maximum effort. Of course with all myths, the story has to start somewhere. Austin Ricketts led his teammates, Jameson Wolanski and Jack Brummel, in these intense matches to the finish line, and they all did a really good job. It will be awesome to see what they grow into as players! They may not have placed the highest, but they put forth a huge amount of effort and showed off what they had.

Can’t Wait For Next Time!

The events brought many together in a time of enjoyment and community through the power of video games. Not only did the esports program come up with an awesome little competition for each day, but also set forth permanent additions such as the Minecraft server. They utilized the chance perfectly to show off their Apex Legends JV team as well. It was only fun to be had and many came out to do the side events such as party games. It is difficult to get times of fellowship like that anymore, so make sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events. The esports team did not say much about what is to come, but it was hinted at that something else could be coming for the holidays. Happy World Esports Day, gamers!


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