My Hero’s Three Musketeers Traitor (My Hero Academia)

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The Three Musketeers. Everyone has heard that phrase once in their life at least. However few of the newer generation actually know the story, and some do not know it was a story at all. The story talks about fighting social injustice and abuse, which causes it to pair very nicely with My Hero Academia. Both seemingly show the struggles of the underdogs in a dog eat dog world. Stories of teamwork and the proof it takes more than one to make a change.

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My Hero has repeatedly captured the hearts of many ages since its release in 2014. As a show that has splendid graphics and a thrilling storyline, there is no argument. The show gives its fans very relatable characters and has gained much traction for this reasoning. The main character Izuku Midoriya is a boy born without the superpowers everyone else seems to possess. However, being the underdog was not an option for Izuku as fate had other plans and launched him into the world of Heros and Villians. Now Izuku must complete his schooling to become a hero along with his classmates and hidden among his classmates is a traitor. A person working for the villains to make sure the heroes don’t complete their training so the world can fall to ruin.

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Seemingly, just as the teaser hit the internet, the fan theories started flying. Fans began analyzing every piece of the photo to try and find a hit for the movie. It was soon noticed that Shoto Todoroki was posing like the villain Dabi, who was recently revealed to be his thought to be dead brother Touya. Fans took this as a sign and began trying to decode the other character’s poses. The theory arrived that Izuku was standing like the villain Shigraki in an attempt to match with the Shoto and Dabi symbolization. The fandom really created an uproar about the pose Katsuki Bakugo was doing. It is the pose of a fellow classmate, Eijiro Kirishima. With the idea of the poses all being that of villains, this struck a massive uproar in the fandom. People began to be very upset over the prospect of Eijiro being a traitor. Theories as to why and why it couldn’t be him flooded social media.

Fellow fan and My Hero Academia cosplayer Dylan, also known as @BigDCosplay on TikTok expressed their thoughts on the movie’s announcement and theories:

“[First,] I am very excited for the new movie. I’m loving all the theories. it’s giving me so much to think about. [Personally,] I believe ochako is the traitor because it would be so easy since she gets along with everyone As well as she is doing the hero course for her family so she would do anything for them.”

-Dylan (@BigDCosplay)
Media by Studio Bones.

The Ochako character Dylan stated is a young girl who has openly claimed she is in the work for the money. Ochaco Uraraka is a friendly girl coming from a poor family and believed the only way she can help her family is by making lots of money so they can live easier. It would be very easy to come up with a situation as to why she would be the traitor.

Despite all the traitor talk it is often forgetting about that the author himself admitted he forgot he even wrote that detail in the story. As well as there has yet to be a part to where the movie would tie into the show. Much like the other movies this movie may end up being another parallel to the story. There’s only one way to find out! Catch the movie when it releases in Summer 2021!


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