Meet the Student: Ming

Media by Est.
Media by Est Zhong, Hanbo Yi, and Yuena Tong.

Papyrus has started a new video series called “Meet the Student”. We will be randomly selecting a student for each episode in this series and learn about their lives on and off campus every couple of weeks. We will feature some of the talented and unique students we have at Greenville. We kick off this series by interviewing Ming La, a very interesting international student. We interviewed Ming in the Student Union and asked him about his life before he came to Greenville University, as well as his part of the GU Esports team here on campus.

We hope to show how special our students are here at GU with this series as well as portrait their uniqueness. Ming is going to be the first of many students we have the pleasure to talk to. Enjoy the first episode by clicking the link!

Made by: Est Zhong, Hanbo Yi, Landon Mokris, Shaling Reynolds, and Yuena Tong.


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