Bobbi Smith: Coffee, Community, and Conversation

Students are already aware of our very own cafe on the Greenville campus, Jo’s Java, the Clawset, and the newest restaurant on campus, Toasties.  We had the honor of interviewing the owner Bobbi Smith on the future plans for all of these establishments under her management.

The first thing to talk about was the new merging of Jo’s Java with Toasties and the Panther’s merchandise store.  She talks about how she wants to allow students to come and step away from the college and institutional feel of college life and feel relaxed and have a meal or a cup of coffee.

Next, Bobbi was asked about what changes are coming to Toasties, since she is now in charge of the establishment.  She said that she can’t tell us now, but there will be a surprise next Wednesday for everyone to see, so come on down to Toasties on November 10th to find out what it is!  She also talks about how new food specials are going to make their way there in the future, including new lunch and dinner specials, like a taco salad, steak, and even baked potatoes.

When asked about how her time is going to be spent running the two businesses simultaneously, she states that she will use the time wisely, and that the baristas at Jo’s are great, and she will be mostly focusing on Toasties a lot more, like a “new baby” as she described it.

As the business has expanded, she says that there needed to be more people taking care of Jo’s Java as her focuses are currently on Toasties primarily, especially since the hours Jo’s is open have expanded.  The welcoming aura of Jo’s Java has not only attracted the attention of the students on campus, as she describes how many people from the Greenville area have come to enjoy a good cup of Jo’s as well, bringing the Greenville community and the college community closer together.

As a closing statement, she would like to remind everyone both on campus and in the Greenville community that every dollar spent in Jo’s Java, Toasties, and the Panthers Clawset go to the scholarship of students, so by coming in and having even a small cup of coffee anyone can help students be able to more easily afford their tuition to Greenville.

Article by Jack Brummel, Hanah Cooper, Henry Johnson III, & Koream Jett.


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