The Simple Room Trivia Night

A Trivia Night participant holds up an envelop of their donation
Photo Taylor Neal

Written by Tabitha Rice. Media by Taylor Neal.

Family, friends, snacks, silent auctions, 50/50 raffles, trivia, Jake Amundson… What more could you ask for on a freezing Saturday night?

People gather in the GC Dining commons for trivia night
Photo Taylor Neal

In the Dining Commons (DC) at Greenville College, The Simple Room held its second annual trivia night Nov., 19. It was intended for the college, members of the Greenville community, and anyone else who wanted to attend.

The Simple Room is a college-run after-school program for the local children. They receive tutoring, snacks, activities, Christian fellowship and guidance, and the unconditional love of Christ. The trivia night hosted by The Simple Room was a fundraiser. Groups of 8-10 spent a sum of money to claim a table and answer trivia questions about random topics.

For the silent auction, people donated items or services and bid on them. This particular auction featured pottery, various artworks, a couple of bicycles, and a dozen bagels from Piety Hill Bakery in Greenville. All of the proceeds went to The Simple Room. For the 50/50 raffle, the winner got half the money that was raised. The other half went to another cause that was supported by the raffle.

Items put up for the silent auction
Photo Taylor Neal

One of the best categories of trivia night was Local Locales. The players were given Greenville addresses and asked to tell what buildings were at each location. One of the addresses was 315 East College Ave., which is the address of Greenville College. Jake Amundson, who was the MC that night, said he would have accepted the answer,

Greenville University, coming September 20, 2017.  Someone should put a sign up or something.”

Amundson is also the voice of many activities at GC such as football games and the art department.

Another fun category was the Ancient Insults. Teams were given seven minutes to match definitions of insults to their Latin counterparts. This category combed linguistic fun with amusing insults. The most popular category was the one where players were asked to identify 10 candies in a bag. One of the candies was a peppermint patty. When Amundson announced he would accept Junior Mints, there was a resounding “BOOOOOOOO” through the crowd. Those who put peppermint patty announced their belief in the generic name and not the name brand.

Jake Amundson making announcements for Trivia Night
Photo Taylor Neal

One of the more amusing happenings was when a teapot for the silent auction was mistakenly identified as a personal drink blender because of the box it was in. When Jesse Tyrrell, the leader of the Simple Room, pointed out the mistake, Amundson informed the crowd that the little teapot would not blend their personal drinks. All bids placed on the personal drink blender were voided and new bids were placed on the teapot.

If you didn’t make it to the trivia night, you missed out. The DC was packed with kids, parents, college students, and professors who love trivia. It was so awesome to see a room full of support for such a worthy cause.


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