Tag: Joy Hall

Dance the Night Away at the Joy Janssen Soiree

Written by Zack Silvas. Media by Whitney Nichols. With the school year coming to a close, there are many campus events happening from Midnight Breakfast...

The Building’s On Fire: Live House Show

Written and Media by Taylor Harpster. Music is an avenue to bring people together in a way that not many other things can. The importance...

Meet the CRE: Mikey Ward

Written by Zack Silvas. Media by Ashley Chaney. Living in a dorm hall can be somewhat interesting at times. From the many people that come...

No Boys Allowed

Written by Carrie Baker. Media by Kayla Morton. It’s a secret society of girls bonded together by fate and… the lack of housing options for...

One Resident’s Strife

Written by Jonathan Barker | Media by Thomas Hajny We’re finally at the age when we can proudly live on our own without our parents...

Porn and Pancakes

Porn addiction. It's not easy to think about much less talk about. I would argue it's something we need to talk about, especially on a Christian campus.

PlungerBall Deathmatch: Joy vs. Janssen

From the beginning of time, from before the eons stretched out its hands in infinite glory and painted the sky with a dazzling display of galactic explosions, there was a plunger.