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ESports: Rainbow Six Siege Scrimmage

Last Friday, the Rainbow Six Siege started their first match of the season! Check out some clips of the game and an...

Journalism at GU

Students at GU can cross from Beaumont to East College Avenue and touch the block that hosts our campuses many buildings and...

Is Loki Really Dead? (He’s Not)

Just last April, Marvel released Avengers: Infinity War, and there was a giant following after the uncommon cliffhanger ending that Marvel decided...

From One Digital Media Major to Another: An Interview with Dale...

I recently got the chance to interview Digital Media major Dale Shelburne. During the interview, I asked Dale...

Entertainment Radar Ep. 12 – Rewind: A Fond Farewell

It's our final episode of Entertainment Radar! We're looking back at this past semester and talking about our favorite episodes, the artists...

LetsBeReal Episode 13: Relationships

In this episode of LetsBeReal, The Real Crew (Swade Edwards, Eric Williams, Coleton Gensler) talks about their preferred relationships and their advice on relationships.

LetsBeReal Episode 12: GU

The Real Crew (Coleton Gensler, Swade Edwards, Eric Williams) talks about their personal preferences about Greenville University and what they would change!

LetsBeReal Episode 11: Youtubers

The Real Crew (Swade Edwards, Eric Williams, and Coleton Gensler) shares their favorite genres of youtube videos and their favorite YouTubers like...

LetsBeReal Episode 10: Professors

In this very real episode of LetsBeReal, the Real Crew (Coleton Gensler, Swade Edwards, Eric Williams) talks about their favorite professors on...

LetsBeReal Episode 9: Animals

In this episode, The Real Crew (Swade Edwards, Eric Williams, Coleton Gensler) talks about their favorite animals and animals in general!