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GC Speaks: Stop Being Nosy, America

Germany, Brazil, and Mexico are just a few friends that America has been spying on. According to learning.blogs.nytimes.com, Germany is mad that America has been spying on their Chancellor, Angela Merkel. I don’t think that it’s appropriate for America to spy on their allies, because they are supposed to trust in each other. But when our country is betraying their friends’ trust, others may not stand for it much longer and might stop cooperating and might even take revenge. Honestly, America shouldn’t push for enemies, it’s already bad that President Obama has been trying to regain the trust of their allies. Even though Europe seems to think he’s already spying on them, like former president George W. Bush was.

Brazil and Mexico Presidents Upset Over NSA Spying

Written by Erik Reed; Media by Michael Courtney After Edward Snowden left the United States for a year’s worth of asylum in Russia, and after tensions arose between the U.S. and its two biggest Latin American allies, Brazil and Mexico, President Barack Obama has promised to probe the U.S. National Security Agency’s alleged spying on the two nations (Reuters)