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World in Briefs (10.15.13)

United States Most would argue that a dog is man’s best friend. They roll around and act adorable. They bark loudly when you are trying to leave the house. They are a popular excuse for a child’s missing homework. However, they can also be expensive. While Wayne Klinkel and his wife were enjoying a pleasant lunch, his dog Sundance was enjoying a lunch of his own—$500 in cash, to be exact. Upon discovering the remains of a $100 bill, the Montana man immediately knew what had happened.

The Always Ready To Dive In Show Episode 6 – Nobody...

In today's podcast, Jake and Austin dive in on two new Papyrus articles, World Briefs and one about the Naval Yard shooting. In other news, Ted Cruz talked for 21 hours and a Chinese man grew a nose on his forehead.

World in Briefs (12.11.12)

Written by Kevin Dunne. United States The news of Hostess’ imminent foreclosure saddened millions of cholesterol-clogged hearts and sent an ache in the sweet tooth of...

World in Briefs (10.22)

World in Briefs by Kevin Dunne. Space While the citizens of earth were going about their daily routines last Sunday, Felix Baumgartner was preparing to fall...

World in Briefs

by Kevin Dunne. Germany Maybe it’s because Oktoberfest is happening, and they had a few too many, maybe it’s from seeing movies like Heat too many...