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Campus Profile: Alexandria LaFaye

Media and Written By John Freeman Here in Greenville College, one of our most highlighted school qualities is our sense of community. Students and Faculty both connect with the community that surrounds our college as well as the community within our college. One of the main ways we grow in community is through students and faculty members getting to know each other. One of the ways we allow new and old stud ...

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Bass Fishing Team

Written by Caleb Hall. Media by Katie Wallace                           Greenville College, our fine institution of learning, possesses an accolade far greater than its small student body would lead one to believe. In fact, even many larger colleges and universities lack this attribute. A sport which few consider to be in the realm of collegia ...

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50 Hour Film Festival

Written by Levi Jubelt Media by John Freeman Every year an event is held that challenges the brightest and most talented videographers of Greenville College to create a cinematic masterpiece in only 50 hours. That event is the 50 Hour Film Festival. This year four teams rose to the challenge and on November 12th their creations were released to the world. The videos were clever, thoughtful, and downright hi ...

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GC Trick or Treat

Written By Levi Jubelt, Media by John Freeman. It’s that time of year again when the days grow shorter, the leaves change color, the nights get colder, and the kids get cavities. I am of course talking about Halloween. Whether you are a fan of Halloween or not, we all can agree on one thing and that is candy. Children, teens, and brave twenty year olds venture out on this night to collect as much sugar as p ...

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Panther Talent Pageant Recap

Written By Levi Jubelt Media by John Freeman. Most of us know of at least one friend that has a really weird or awesome talent. Maybe they can squirt milk out of their eye, lick their elbow or juggle chainsaws. Okay, maybe juggling chainsaws is a little extreme, but everyone has some talent that they can take pride in. Panther Talent Pageant seeks out these wonderful individuals and challenges them to perfo ...

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Homecoming Dance Recap

Written By Levi Jubelt Media by John Freeman. Whether you are a fan of school dances or not, there is no denying that they are a big event. Many people enjoy the opportunity to get dressed up, grab some friends, and head out for a night of partying. Saturday, October 25 was the date of choice for the 2014 Homecoming Dance of Greenville College. Hosted by GCSA, the dance took place at the athletic complex be ...

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Cinematic Conversations: Hunger

Article by John Freeman media by John Freeman Cinematic Conversations is a club run through Greenville’s Honor’s program where students watch and discuss free movies almost every Wednesday. With the help of Greenville’s Globe Theater, students come to the theater and watch a movie. After the movie they discuss aspects and meanings behind the scenes of the movies with Jake Amundson, the usual host of the mov ...

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Table Tennis Club

Written by Caleb Hall. Media by Katie Wallace. Greenville College students rarely come together to form a new student organization or club. However, this very semester a promising new social club has come about: The Greenville College Table Tennis Club.   Senior Alex Dowley and sophomore Anthony Wilson hatched the idea together to found such a club. Both Anthony and Alex share a deep love for the game ...

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Midnight Madness

Written be Caleb Hall. Media by Katie Wallace   The night of Tuesday, October 14th, a spectacular event was held in the HJ Long Gymnasium. Better known as Midnight Madness, the kickoff to the men’s and women’s basketball season was a sight to behold. A night of fun and festivity, where excitement reigned and the good times were rolling. The action was kicking off before the scheduled start time of 10:3 ...

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