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12 Times Ivan Filby Made Us Smile

Written and Media by Katie Wallace Our esteemed president, Dr. Ivan Filby, always seems to be up to something creative. Here are some of our favorite Filby Moments!   1) The time he dressed up as an elf and walked around campus with Santa Clause handing out candy canes. 2) The time he lit candles at the Candlelight chapel.   3) The time he guest starred in the 50 Hour Film Festival.   4) The ...

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The Papyrus would like to announce this year's winner of the Scrib's Fall Writing Contest. If you would like to know more about The Scrib, check out Congratulations, Natalie Mueller! Yellow by Natalie Mueller They always paint nursing homes yellow. That yellow color of sunshine, or that new margerine that the world cannot believe is not butter. Everyone knows the color is a futile ...

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Thanksgiving Leftover Meal

Holidays have always had a special place in my heart. My family and I love cooking and eating a big traditional Thanksgiving meal. But as my family and I soon learn you can only eat so much turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and dressing. Boring Thanksgiving leftovers can be transformed into another special meal that your family will love. The recipes below are soon to be new traditions that your family will c ...

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Hogwarts Will Always Be There to Welcome You Home

Written by: Emily Humpherys. Media by: Charley Phillips. There always seemed to be something very familiar about the tree directly in front of Synder Hall, just like there seemed to be something familiar about the lights hanging in chapel and the way the floors faithfully creaked in Burritt.  Speaking of my favorite residence hall, when Fall stops flirting with Summer and realizes what’s good for him, the r ...

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DIY: Thanksgiving

Written and Media by: Charley Phillips. The holiday season is just around the corner. It seems as soon as Halloween is over is when the seasons change and Thanksgiving break can't come any sooner. Here are some Thanksgiving friendly ideas that will spruce up your first of many holidays to come! Pumpkins can still be relevant for the Thanksgiving times. Not only do they come in a nice, fresh, and yummy, pie ...

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5 Christian Songs to Uplift Your Spirit

There is so much going on in the world right now. Heart ache and sorrow, life and death, there are good things and bad things. In this generation we turn to things like social media, television and music to help us through every walk of life, but with all of the sadness that has been affecting our small town in southern Illinois here is a list of songs to help you through school and life. ...

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Greenville University?

Article by Debbie Eddy. Media by Charley Phillips. President Filby gave his homecoming address to Greenville college alumni, current students, the public, and faculty on October 24. 2014. In his address, President Filby talked about Greenville College’s potential name change. He introduced the idea by talking about extending our heritage and focusing on the future. President Filby says that, “In Greenville ...

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Lunch Re-make

We’ve all been there. It’s the same old going to the DC, looking around and feeling like there is no variety day in and day out. There are the same choices, and the same long lines. The repetition starts to get old, but many people find ways to be creative and try to escape the pattern of eating the same thing everyday. ...

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Get Your GC Updates and Stay Connected

  Article and Media by: Charley Phillips. Greenville College is a big community that always has something going on. Whether it would be sports or student ran events, there are many opportunities to interact with everyone on campus. One of the major conflicts with this is 'getting in the know' and never getting to hear what is happening at Greenville. There are many resources out there that Greenville C ...

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