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How To: Brownie Batter Parfait

Written by Sarah Stone Media by Emily Martiens Just looking up how to make this amazing dessert made me want to try it. There is nothing bad about a Brownie Batter Parfait . The only possible down side to this recipe is if you eat all of the parfaits on your own, it may cause you to feel sick because of all of the amazing brownie batter in your stomach, or it could also just cause you to gain a little extra ...

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How to Beat the Flu

Written by Erin Lawinger. Media by Emily Martiens. Someone’s nose is running and they better go catch it before they catch the flu. Flu season is back, and it has vocalized itself through a choir of coughing, wheezing, and a whole lot of sneezing. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to prevent this illness from cutting into the delights of daily life. For many students on the Greenville College campus, ...

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Best Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

Written by Sarah Stone. Media by Emily Martiens. No one likes to finish a series that they’ve been watching on Netflix, because after watching it daily and getting attached to the show and its characters, nobody likes when the series finale pops up on their screen, meaning only several minutes are left of the show you’ve become mildly obsessed with. So when that happens here are some shows that you can bing ...

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The Many Flavors of Hot Chocolate

The holiday season has come and gone, but it is still cold enough for the one steaming, chocolaty beverage that most of us cannot live without. Hot chocolate! Some of us have only ever had one flavor of hot chocolate, but there are many other flavors out there that could spice up the winter season. Anything from sweet and salty to spicy and tangy. And that is just the beginning! ...

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About Me: Kelsey Neier Feature Section Editor

Hello Everyone! My name is Kelsey Neier, and I’m from Highland, Illinois. I am a sophomore digital media major with an emphasis on graphic design. I’m also minoring in English with an emphasis on creative writing and journalism. I wrote articles and did the digital media for Campus News my freshman year and have moved up to the Feature section editor this year! I am addicted to Pinterest and could spend hou ...

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Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Written by Leigh Buchholz. Media by Jack Dawdy. GC, it is almost that time of year again! A time filled with flowers and heart-shaped candies. A time that you might be dreading if you are low on cash. Well, to help ease your mind, here are some ways to let your special someone know that you care for them at little or no price at all. (Media by Sanborn's Fine Candies / ...

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12 Times Ivan Filby Made Us Smile

Written and Media by Katie Wallace Our esteemed president, Dr. Ivan Filby, always seems to be up to something creative. Here are some of our favorite Filby Moments!   1) The time he dressed up as an elf and walked around campus with Santa Claus handing out candy canes. 2) The time he lit candles at the Candlelight chapel.   3) The time he guest starred in the 50 Hour Film Festival.   4) The t ...

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