An “Ultimate” Weekend for Greenville College Students

Media By: Morgan Johnson


Media by: Greenville Ultimate
Media by: Greenville Ultimate

Written by Jesse Spraggon & media by Morgan Johnson.

Cameron Brock, player for the Indianapolis Alleycats ultimate disc team, visited the Greenville ultimate group this past weekend to help teach fundamentals and skills, as well as play a few pick-up games. Greenville College’s very own Adam “BopBop” Crouch has forged a friendship with Brock, as he is an avid ultimate fan and recreational player. Crouch invited Brock to come to Greenville last year, and Brock recently found some free time to come this past weekend. Brock is not just any ordinary professional ultimate player; he holds the record for most goals scored in a game, a season, and a career.

Aside from being an outstanding ultimate player, Brock  is also a strong Christian with  a “God first” mentality. His twitter headline reads, “#3 for your Indianapolis AlleyCats. God first. Everything else second. Jeremiah 29:11.” While at the college, he spent a lot of time with me, Adam Crouch, and many of the people that play ultimate here at the school. Sure, we had a ton of fun playing catch (and horse, which I ended up beating him at), but he was especially fond of spending time with Christians. “ [I] had a BLAST meeting you all and playing. It’s really refreshing to play with a bunch of Christian dudes. Ultimate is full of a lot of people with very questionable lifestyle choices, and it can be a real challenge to stick to your values around that culture. This was a breath of fresh air.”

The air wasn’t very fresh on Saturday, as it was hot and muggy, but Brock and a large chunk of the ultimate players on campus played several games at the practice fields. Afterwards, he taught us about different offensive plays and strategies, as well as aspects of throwing and cutting(the act of trying to get open for passes). After a picture and a prayer, everyone headed back to campus to enjoy some pizza and fellowship before Brock left. He is a bright light in a sometimes dark world of sports, and it was a great pleasure having him in Greenville. During his next visit, I hope everyone has a chance to meet him whether they are ultimate fans or not.


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