Live Arts Contest

Written & media by Austin Schumacher

Ladies and gentlemen, this is your chance!

If some of you are curious about what exactly this means, please allow me to explain myself.  Those of us here at the Papyrus are excited to present to you a contest of epic proportions.  Since you are reading this, you obviously are aware that the Papyrus publishes news articles that are written by the students here at GC, but what if we went deeper than that?

An idea was proposed last semester to publish a serialized novel in the Papyrus.  For those of you who aren’t sure what that is, it’s essentially a novel that is published in episodes similar to a television show.  Various pieces such as Great Expectations, The Catcher in the Rye, and the Sherlock Holmes adventures were all published in such a way.  This proposal grew into the idea that perhaps a contest could be held that would reward the winning novel with a publication in the following semester’s Papyrus with one episode published each week.  The Papyrus would then publish an example for students to follow if they were interested in participating in this contest.

And now, I am pleased to say, that the powers that be have taken this idea and ran with it!  While it has taken some time to get the details put together, the Papyrus is proud to present to you the Live Arts Contest, which is being hosted by the Scriblerus, the campus’ oldest club, which is devoted to creative writing.  However, they did not merely stop with the previously proposed serialized novel, but have added several different possible entries including non-fiction, poetry/song, visual art, cartoons/graphic stories, and finally, the serialized novel.  In addition, the Papyrus will indeed be running a serialized novel written by our own Alexandria LaFaye.

Students in high school or college are invited to participate by submitting their original works.  Grand prize winners will be published in two of GC’s multimedia publications, Scrib and The Vista.

When we use art to bring our lives alive, we’re showing how our own creations expand our understanding of the world.  This contest allows students to share their creative talents and allows people to see the world in new ways.

– Alexandria LaFaye

To learn more and submit your work, see the Live Arts tab at

We look forward to working with you. For more information about the journal and how to get involved, please contact Scrib Rachel Heston-Davis ( or Alexandria LaFaye (







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