The Heat’s Approaching and So Is The Music

Written by Yazmin Egipciaco. Media by Logan Nelson


With summer creeping toward us, there are many things to look forward to. You know, those things you day-dream about all year in class when you should be listening to your prof? Well, day-dream no more! (At least after another week…) Because ‘tis the season for camping, swimming, getting your tan on and most importantly, MUSIC FESTIVALS!

Media by Logan Nelson.

Music lovers all over know that with the warm weather comes festival season. The excitement can hardly be contained. From one night concerts, to weeklong events, summer is full of them and some people just can’t get enough.

Now living in Illinois, we unfortunately are not graced with the presence of Ultra Music Festival held in Miami, or Coachella held in California. However, don’t you worry. We didn’t get the short end of the stick. We have something people even travel here for, if you can believe it?! Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about the one, the only, LOLLAPALOOZA! If you aren’t familiar with it, doesn’t the name just sound fun?

Lollapalooza (Lolla) is a three day long music festival held right in the heart of downtown Chicago. In those three days, (if you’re lucky and quick enough to get a ticket as they sell out insanely fast), you will see over 100 performances. From very familiar names to not so familiar, it’s okay because it’s all about the love of music.

The lineup changes each year and it is not even released until after tickets are purchased, so you don’t even know what you’re getting yourself into, and that’s the fun of it! If you have a true appreciation for all music, you’d understand. Besides, with over 100 performances, there’s bound to be something you’d enjoy.

This year’s lineup consists of some big names- The Avett Brothers, Foster the People, Zedd, Lorde, Calvin Harris, even Slim Shady (the real one) AKA EminemJohn Butler, The Head and the Heart, The Kooks– the list continues and continues… and continues!

Here’s a playlist of this year’s line up:

Photo by Logan Nelson.

But be careful and do participate with caution. I’ve been told when you go once, you’ll want to go every year! This is probably because your body will feel the warmth of summer approaching and begin craving the pulse of the bass that runs from your head, to your heart, all the way down to the tips of your toes… and you’ll just have to go! Despite the dent it leaves in your wallet.

Be on the lookout for some awesome opportunities to participate in an event like this. You won’t regret it. If these plans are already set for you then congrats! Be safe, make good decisions, HAVE FUN and may all your day-dreams come true.

Location of Lolla: Grant Park, Chicago, IL.

[map id=”map1″ z=”12″ w=”600″ h=”200″ maptype=”ROADMAP” address=”337 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL ‎” marker=”yes” infowindow=”Location of Lolla”]

Get a look of what it’s like:

Have an hour and a half on your hands to blow? Watch Mumford and Sons’ full performance from last year:


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