Logan’s List: Media Meal #3

Graphic by Paul Anderson

Written by Logan Welliver.  Media by Paul Anderson.

Why do you keep coming back to this? That is if you’ve read the other ones. Is it because I have fantastic musical taste? I have something new to say? I’m a fascinating individual to begin with, so why wouldn’t my writing be entertaining as well? Well you’re in luck because I have more suggestions and opinions for you right this moment. Let’s dive in.

Graphics by Paul Anderson
Graphics by Paul Anderson

Album: Hymn For The Greatest Generation by Caspian (2013)

I’m cheating this week because this is actually an EP, which I guess is still an album; it’s just not a “full length” album. Hymn For The Greatest Generation is a lengthy EP from the post-rock outfit Caspian. Filled to the brim with soothing acoustic guitar riffs and lengthy, heavenly, and ambient electric guitar lines, this EP will lull you to sleep with the greatest of ease. If you desire to take a nap, but also yearn for the enjoyment of music, I have found the best kind of compromise because it will literally seep into your brain and force you to rest. Congratulations, you have found peace.

Length of Consumption: 35 Minutes.

*Video from triplecrownrecords*

Song: City Lights & Traffic Sounds by The Reign of Kindo (2011)

It’s a world riddled with heartbreak and misunderstanding, thankfully, there are songs to help us get up and move along. “City Lights and Traffic Sounds” is one of those songs for me. This song Accurately depicts a city landscape without a word, but with a melancholy arrangement of piano, bass and jazz drum kit. Imagine an encounter with the former love of your life that you haven’t completely gotten over, while walking through this fantastically perfect cityscape, and the bittersweet interaction leaves you more heartbroken, but more hopeful; that is what this song is. Goodness gracious, the feels.

Length of Consumption: 3 Minutes, 56 Seconds.

*Video from Carolina Campos*


Movie: American History X (1998)

A jarring and convicting look at racism, American History X is not for the weak of heart. Edward Norton plays Derek Vinyard, an ex neo-nazi that changes his ways after serving time in prison. Afterwards, he attempts to help his younger brother, Danny, change his views, which Derek has since retracted. A compelling and brutal depiction of hate, racism, and crime, American History X deserves your attention.

Length of Consumption: 1 Hour, 58 Minutes

*Video from altavid*


Book: Book of Longing by Leonard Cohen. (2007)

A legend among legends, Leonard Cohen is a man of great wisdom and experience. Cohen writes anything from the strangest of love poems to the way he feels waking up in the morning and putting on a ridiculous amount of robes and garments. His book is filled with his crude artwork that is crammed full of compelling ideas put to words. These words transcend much of modern songwriting. Even when the words don’t seem to make sense, there is something to take away.

Length of Consumption: Depends on how far you want to dive into the text.

Cover for Book of Longing
Media from http://www.leonardcohenfiles.com/

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