GC Speaks Valentine’s Day

Graphic by Jack Wang

Written by Maci Sepp, Media by Jack Wang


Glistening red roses.  Giant teddy bears.  Chocolates in heart-shaped boxes.  Valentine’s Day has arrived, and the aura of love is in the air!  It’s that time of year when people are allowed to go over the top to get the most mushy, gushy gifts for their sweethearts.  Any other day, the big charades and proclamations of love may not be quite as socially acceptable.  Regardless, unnecessary amounts of chocolate will be consumed and cupid arrows will fly.  While some see the fourteenth of February as an opportunity to cherish loved ones, others see it as the most dreaded, looming day of the year.  Whether you’re a sucker for love or just someone who can’t be bothered, see what Greenville College students think of the holiday in another GC Speaks!


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