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Written by Emelia Ferrero. Media by Kelsey Neier.


A faith built on love in action is of the most, noble kind.

Project One Haiti (POH), an organization operating out of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, demonstrates this kind of faith. James 1:27 tells us pure and undefiled religion before God is to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and this is exactly what POH is about.

Angie and Chris Jeffers started Project One Haiti in 2011 after visiting a very poorly managed orphanage in Haiti. Both are Assembly of God ministers and had retired from their original jobs, but after feeling called by God, they moved down to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to start their own orphanage and school.


Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Source:
Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Source:

The POH orphanage is called Hope House is also the Jeffers’ home, a testament to their dedication. At the moment, there are 17 children living with them in Hope House, from the ages of 2-17 years old.

POH’s school, Project One Academy, was started by Angie as a way to educate the children in Hope House. Now, her reach into the community stretches even further. Starting this past summer, Project One Academy also began taking in children from the surrounding neighborhood who had no access to good education. The current enrollment sits at over 100 children.

Janika Grimlund, a junior at Greenville College, had the opportunity to intern with Project One Haiti over this past summer. When asked about her trip, Janika admitted it was difficult to come home and leave the children she had cared for.

“I’m not the same person. I got really close with the kids. They were calling me “Mom” by the time I left. I felt like I was leaving my kids, like my real children. Every one of these kids has been abandoned by their parents, and they don’t know when or if they are coming back.”

Janika’s experience was life changing. For those interested in mission work, she highly recommends volunteering with POH. Janika spent two months in Haiti, but not every intern has to stay that long. POH works around volunteers’ schedules by offering short-term trips, as well. Angie Jeffers is always in need of help, as Janika explains:

“She’s always looking for interns. Running an orphanage and a school with a small staff takes enough time as it is, so it’s really hard to spend one-on-one time with each of those kids. She loves whenever interns come in. Things definitely run smoother.”

There is a need in Haiti for the Christian love and support POH provides. Project One Haiti needs help in this task. Please consider aiding, whether through prayer, donations (especially through their GoFundMe page), getting the word out about Project One Haiti through social media and conversation, or by sponsoring a child to help ensure his or her education.


  1. Great job ! God has used you in a special way , and has also used these courageous individuals for these kids , please contact me for assistance , I would like to offer support email me
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