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What is Interfaith?

Greenville University is an established Christian university, so how can students of different religions or no religion at all fit in at the institution?...

“Your Mom Goes to College?”

Higher Education comes with all sorts of challenges, and it definitely has its blessings as well. But how do you pursue it when you're...

It’s a Big World

Looking back in 20 years, you are most likely to be regretful of the opportunities that you did not take than the ones that...

Tips for Education Majors

Written by Kori Nesbit. Media by Ethan Maurer. Deciding what you want to major in can be the most exciting, yet daunting decision of your...

Teachers Can Change the World

Written by Amber Wibbenmeyer. Media by Kelsey Middleton One teacher can make or break a student’s education. This is an intimidating truth that education majors...

Why Graduate School?

Written by Leanna Westerhof. Media by Kayla Morton.   One of the famous questions for college students includes, “Is graduate school in your future?” Or some...

Project One Haiti

Written by Emelia Ferrero. Media by Kelsey Neier. Project One Haiti, an organization operating out of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, demonstrates this kind of faith. James 1:27 tells us pure and undefiled religion before God is to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and this is exactly what POH is about.

When I Don’t Agree with Your Theology

Written and Media by Mary Todd Christian.  Attending a Christian college means we are going to encounter different people with different faith traditions. Coming from...

What to Expect While Student Teaching: “Elementary” Style

Student Teaching; a period of guided teaching when the teacher candidate takes increasing responsibility for leading the school experiences of a group of learners over a period of consecutive weeks.

Beyond the Bachelor’s – Rachel Dothager

This week's alumni spotlight falls on 2011 Greenville graduate Rachel Dothager. Rachel took full advantage of her Greenville experience by participating in a variety of organizations, clubs, and trips. In the interview below, Rachel shares some of her experiences from the past few years. Rachel will be speaking this Thursday at Vespers. The Papyrus thanks Rachel for engaging with us as we go beyond the bachelors.