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Almost always, freshmen come into college and find it’s not quite what they expected. The students who say they would never pull an all-nighter realize they have to in order to get the work done that they procrastinated on. The students who say they will never miss class have missed five before they know it. So, when it comes to choosing your major, choosing the right one the first time is not always easy. explains a few ways to help you decide if it is time for a change.


In the United States, alone, around 80 percent of students change their major at least once during their college career. Here are just a few indicators of what to do with your major:


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Coursework– A good indicator of whether you are in the right major or not, is if you enjoy your coursework. While you may have enjoyed a specific subject in high school, college is a little different. When it comes to your homework, grades and attendance, it is all self-disciplined. Many people realize, when it comes to making themselves study a subject, it is not as enjoyable as they thought it would be.


Confidence in Finding a Job- The reason we go to college is to get a degree, which, in turn, gets us a better job down the road. When picking a major, look for indicators on job security in that area. If the area that you choose to study has very few jobs which come out of it, this may change or influence your decision.


Life Goals Meet Career Goals- Ask yourself, does the major you’re studying allow you to meet your life or career goals? Being clear on your goals can help get you back on track or even set you on a new path.
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Is it a Setback- When deciding if it is an appropriate time to switch your major, take into account how much more schooling you will need. Does this set me back? Switching majors can have an impact on your graduation date and can become a financial disadvantage due to student loans.

Attend another institution- Changing your major could possibly force you to attend another college, as your current college may not offer your new major. This is something to consider since you may have already found a group of friends at your current college. As you think about it, look for colleges near your current institution so that you can come back to visit.


Are you confident in the decision?- Think of the pros and cons of changing your major. Also, use the resources around you that will allow you to gain different insight on the decision, such as, academic advisors, family members and close friends.





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