Hard Work Pays Off

Written and Media by Taylor Purkey.

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Before the 1970’s, people who knew about bodybuilding were few and far between. Most people saw bodybuilders as freaks of nature and were often seen in the circus. However, Arnold Schwarzenegger brought a new light to it. All of a sudden, people wanted to be as big and strong as Schwarzenegger. They saw him as attractive and wanted his defined muscles.

In the fall of 2015, I learned about lifting and trained for a bodybuilding competition that winter. I lifted with various sports teams in the past but never gave 100% in the gym. Luckily, a free personal trainer was at my disposal who also doubled as my boyfriend (now fiance). The workout program selection was relatively easy because he found a program that suited my needs. However, I still had to try variations to find a program that fit me. We tried programs that ranged from three days a week to five days a week where we went into the gym twice a day. Once we found a program that worked, we stuck with that.

Photo edited by: Tyler Ratcliffe
Photo edited by: Tyler Ratcliffe

To get ready for show, I had to lose some weight. This meant skipping the dessert table at the DC. Although, some cheating is definitely advised because no one can go without their favorite foods for too long. After all, it’s better to have a cheat meal than cheat week. To work on my bodybuilding body, I cut down on sweets and macros. Macros are proteins, fats, and carbs. All are important, but to gain muscle, protein is most important. I got the app, MyFitnessPal, to enter all of my food intake.

When I received my National Physique Committee (NPC) certificate, I was eligible to compete. To prep for competition, my fiance (personal trainer) and I watched “Pumping Iron”. In this movie, Schwarzenegger was a jerk to most of his competitors and I was nervous that would be the case at my first competition. Thankfully, I was extremely wrong. I had so much fun with the other girls. The “veterans” at the competition were very helpful as well.

Walking in a bikini across the stage with at least 100 people watching me was nerve racking. But, once I was center stage and under the lights, all of my practice and hard work showed. I felt and looked awesome! I didn’t win anything at the end of the night but the feedback from my personal trainer and the judges was great. Now I know what to improve on so I can win my next competition.

Photo by: Fort Wayne Flex
Photo by: Fort Wayne Flex


  1. This is awesome! When I graduated GC I entered the body building world as well and competed with the NPC. I love to hear that others found a love for fitness and understand the dedication it takes to be a bodybuilder! Awesome job and awesome article!


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