Financial Seminar

Written by Mitch Thompson. Media by Mitch Thompson and Nathan Craig

On Friday, April 7th Greenville College’s Core Group 2 invited everyone to come and listen to three esteemed guests, Tim Wayman, Ben Wayman, and Holly Tallman during their Financial Seminar. They gladly gave their time to talk about their experiences and to offer advice. They wanted to help college students understand how Christians can learn to be stewards of money in the realistic and theological sense.


Tim Wayman graduted from Greenville College with a master’s degree in business and went on to receive a master’s degree in finance from the University of North Texas.  He is a certified finiancial planner and a representative in investment advisory, securities, and insurance. Ben Wayman is an assistant Professor of Philosophy and Theology here at Greenville College and directs the Ministry Internship Program at Greenville College. Holly Tallman is the Institutional Research Data Analyst and manages marketing projects.

If you missed the seminar check it out here!


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