Of Life and Death: A Comedy Show

Written by Mitch Thompson. Media by Mitch Thompson and Olivia Maurer .

Promotional poster for the comedy show. Picture courtesy of Jack Dawdy

On Friday April 7th at the Factory Theater, Greenville College student, Jack Dawdy presented an original comedy show called Of Life and Death featuring Emily Gaffner and Silas Groves. This free event was filled with great humor and many laughs. The comedy show was a must see. The opening act by the musically talented Eddie Allison had the crowd in tears (from laughter) by performing stand up comedy and singing songs like “I like to call this song”, “It’s really hard to rhyme”, and “I ran out of lyrics”. Jack had many great sketches including “Ignoring conversation”, “the fight”, and “Fighting with the projector”.

A junior, Jack is currently studying Digital Media at Greenville College. Eddie is currently studying the Worship Arts at Greenville College; a junior as well. Emily is currently studying Pre-Med at Greenville College as a sophomore, and Silas is currently studying Music Education-Vocal at Greenville College as a sophomore.

If you missed the comedy show check it out below!


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