College Dining: What and Where to Eat

Written and Media by Quinten Brown.

In this podcast Cale Jausel and Quinten Brown talk about the food available on campus. From the Dining Commons to the Student Union, they go through their favorites and their regular meals. They also give advice on what to avoid during one’s dining experience.

When coming to a new college the last thing on your mind is the kind of food that is served in the cafeteria and other options within the town. Usually, people just come into the year thinking it’s about the college experience and the food is just something that they will be able to deal with. Well, by mid-second semester everyone starts complaining about the variety of food that is available to them. Luckily, at Greenville College, there are two means of getting food without having to spend money directly out of pocket. The first place is the Dining Commons and the second is the Student Union. Although this creates a pretty good selection, a person can only eat so much stir fry and/or wraps. Fortunately, despite the size of Greenville, the town has a pretty diverse amount of choices. From Italian to Chinese food, from Mexican to old fashion Midwestern diners, this town will likely have a place for you.

Greenville College ensures that no student will go without food, but I encourage readers to just remember that not all food on Greenville campus is created equal. If you weren’t already aware of this fact, you’re sure to discover it sooner or later.




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