All College Hike 2k17

2017 All College Hike. Photo by: GSGA

Written by Kieshaun Young-Jones. Media by Allyson Mitchell.

Photo by Bobby Neal.

Greenville University had its first annual All College Hike as GU on September 13. Greenville’s All College Hike is always early, but due to the transition from GC to GU, and school starting a tad bit later than usual, the Hike took place in September. Last year Greenville’s All College Hike had a wonderful weather forecast, but the same cannot be said for this year. The weather forecast was mostly cloudy along with light showers. All in all though, it was a success. How’s that for a dramatic weather story?

The All College Hike started in the front of Whitlock. There were tons of faculty members as well as students conversing and embarking upon this 5-mile journey. Everyone began running and there were water stations set up at least a mile or two away from one another. GU Men’s basketball team was at two of these water stations and they enthusiastically provided beverages to parched runners, bikers, and walkers alike.

Opportunity Fair at All College Hike.
Photo by Bobby Neal.

The 5-mile Hike ended at Durley Camp, where students and faculty were introduced to different groups and clubs on campus. The setup was nice and acted like a job or community science fair. There were tons of different activities as everyone arrived at the camp. There were the basketball courts, volleyball, 9 squares, and loads more. There was also the lake, which is located on the backside of the campgrounds. Our very own Greenville’s bass fishing team provided great rides on motor boats. Students were showed how the speedboats work as well as educated on the boat’s individual features. They learned about sonars, 2-D sonars, and how these features help look out for fish and obstacles the eye can’t see.

Food was also available. The menu included burgers, chicken, beans, and potato salad. This was an excellent way for students to come together and bond.  Many students had the opportunity to talk and become close because the activities were similar to team building. With activities like these, students could come out of their comfort zones and have fun with what they were doing.

Free t-shirt at Durley Camp! Photo by Bobby Neal.

Although Greenville University’s All College Hike doesn’t involve actual rock climbing or real mountains, it is still full of plenty of excitement. The University welcomes everyone in the community to participate in the Hike. How? The Hike takes place on College Avenue which starts in town and runs five miles through the outskirts. As individuals travel along this path, more people are motivated to come out and run, walk, or bike through Greenville to Durley Camp. This allows for the community to be more involved and the students a chance to form bonds apart from the school. This is an especially good way for those who live off campus to connect. Most people in the community love welcoming people over for a home-cooked meal every once in a while. Greenville may be a small town with a small University, but it still does big things. Join us next year for the All College Hike to see what it is all about!


In case you missed chapel, check out the live video below!!


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