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All College Hike 2k17

Written by Kieshaun Young-Jones. Media by Allyson Mitchell. Greenville University had its first annual All College Hike as GU on September 13. Greenville’s All College...

Welcome to GU, Students!

Written by Paige Stanley. Media by Ethan Maurer. Welcome back to campus, Greenville University students! School is back in session and there are a lot...

All College Hike 2016

Written by Tabitha Rice. Media by Taylor Neal. Last Wednesday was GC's last All "College" Hike as we transition into Greenville University. The Greenville College Panther...

GC All-College Hike 2015

Written by: Stephanie Rodriguez Media by: Aaron Phillips   On Wednesday, September 16, the GC community gathered to celebrate the new school year through a...

All College hike recap

Article and Media by John Freeman. All College Hike is a yearly event where students meet on campus at the Whitlock music center and then...

The Always Ready To Dive In Show Episode 8 – Épée

In this episode, Austin and Jake give us a rundown of all things GC. Including articles about the All College Hike, Drugs and Jesus.

15 Things You May Have Missed at the All College Hike

15 Things You May Have Missed at the All College Hike Written by Rebekah Dothager. Media by Noah Henry. The Opportunities Fair: I sure hope no one...

Where Is Everyone?

Written by Carolyn Fairbanks. Media by Jessica Sturgeon. Getting to be the Campus News Editor this semester has given me the opportunity to go to events I might not otherwise attend. To my disappointment a majority of the time I get there and realize nobody else usually attends them either. So it gets me wondering, where is everyone? I know we’re a small school, but that should be a even bigger reason to show up to events. Now I know everyone has different excuses and reasons, and some of you do show up, but I have covered a lot of Campus Events in these last few semesters and the same few people are usually present, and they frequently the ones that plan the events.