2017 Moment: Correa Proposes at World Series

source: startribune

Written by Josh Robinson. Media by Jason Wang.

Source: Sky Sports

They say that the beautiful thing about baseball is that anything can happen. Well, it’s always a beautiful sight to see when someone proposes to their girlfriend in front of millions of fans at a baseball game. Who would’ve ever thought someone would propose in front of millions of fans at a World Series, especially after your favorite team wins?

After the game, the crowd is roaring with excitement, the fireworks are going off, some of the fans are popping beer bottles and running onto the field to go celebrate with their favorite team. This is the perfect time. The cameras and all the eyes are on you, and they’re waiting for you to ask your girlfriend those four words: “Will you marry me?”

This time, it wasn’t a local fan that proposed–it was Carlos Correa, shortstop for the Houston Astros.

After Houston won the 2017 World Series, Correa proposed to his girlfriend, Daniella Rodriguez. Rodriguez was a Miss Texas Teen winner in 2013 and a Miss Texas USA winner in 2016. The proposal wasn’t a surprise for the team because it was planned way before the World Series. Correa had planned on proposing to Rodriguez for months, but he wanted to do it after Game 6. Since the Astros had lost to the Dodgers, he postponed it until Game 7. When Houston beat the Dodgers in Game 7, the crowd went wild; the air was full of positive vibes. Every Astros fan was in the moment to celebrate the big win.

After the game, Correa was being interviewed by a Fox News reporter, and the reporter asked him if winning the championship was everything. Then the shortstop responded, saying that it is a big accomplishment in his life, but now he’s going make take another big one. In the heat of the moment, Correa got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and asked his girlfriend those four, magical words. Of course, she said yes!

Source: Us Weekly

You might have thought Correa kept the ring in the dugout throughout the whole game, but he didn’t. Before the game, he asked to see if one of the clubhouse members could keep the ring and make sure it stayed safe. Once the Houston Astros had won the game, they brought it out to him.

Rodriguez had no idea her boyfriend was going to propose after the game. She was actually pretty surprised. Correa had been completely focused on winning the World Series, from the beginning of playoff season until the very final game. At first, he was going to propose to her on the beach, but Correa was sticking with his first option. He said that there was no Plan B–it was only plan A. He knew that his team had the ability to win the World Series, so he wanted to save it until they won. Now, not only does Correa have a championship ring, he also has another ring on his for him and his fiancé.


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