Joyous Chaos: A Night of Laughs

Joyous Chaos Team 2017 Source: Facebook

Written by Paige Stanley. Media by Ethan Maurer.

Joyous Chaos Logo
Source: Joyous Choas Facebook Page

If you attend Greenville University then you have definitely heard of Joyous Chaos. If you do not know what this is, then here some important information. Joyous Chaos is a group of students that come together once a month to put on an Improv Show. Usually, the members are told a scenario and they must think quick to act it out in the best and funniest way that they can. Joyous Chaos has been a student favorite since September of 2008. Although the improv team wants to make sure you get a good laugh out of their shows, they do have a bigger goal. According to their Facebook page, “In the monthly shows that the team performs each year, they hope to honor God through fun nights of improvisational comedy.” The subjects of their comedy vary to all ends of the spectrum but they try and stick to what is well known in Greenville. The site also reads, “A lot of their jokes may be centered around Greenville’s cat infestation, President Ivan Filby, or the DC’s menu, but their arsenal of comedy is unlimited and relevant.”

Noah Kneer
Source: Ethan Maurer

The fantastic members of Joyous Chaos include Eddie Allison, Austin Simmons, Bryson Davis, Tristin Campbell, Noah Kneer, Johnny Hinton, Logan Murphy, Emily Gaffner, Joey Clinton, Kenzie Schwab, Sophie Yaunches, Dalton Janssen, and Mark Barigye. These sweet people will bring a smile to your face on and off the stage.

Logan Murphy, a sophomore, really enjoys being involved with Joyous Chaos. “My experience with Joyous Chaos has been great. Other than the baseball team, it was the first chance for me to get involved on campus. The team is incredible and obviously funny and has made my time on the team fantastic.”

Kenzie Schwab is a favorite by many out of the crew. As a current freshman here at GU, her experience this season is different from the rest of the upperclassmen. “Joyous Chaos has been so crazy. It’s awesome how welcoming they have been to me. I’m still learning how everything works, but I am loving every moment.

As an upperclassman, Johnny Hinton has been with Joyous Chaos for quite some time. “Joyous Chaos has been an outlet for me for my energy and humor. I can’t imagine my life on campus without it because I’ve made some of my closest friends from it. The people I have bonded with on and off the team have been a blessing to me.”

Joey Clinton
Source: Ethan Maurer

During the performances, the team plays different games to show different ways to perform for the audience. An example of a game is Scenes from a Hat, which is Kenzie’s favorite. Basically, the crowd writes down scenarios and funny things on a paper to put in a hat that can help the actors make a scene out of that word. This is great because it is a chance for the crowd to get involved. Another is Four Corners. This is where four actors stand in a square and the two actors nearest in the stage act out a scene. When they’re told to rotate, the new actors in front make a new scene. This gets a lot of laughs from the crowd, which is why it is Johnny’s favorite.

Joyous Chaos has already done a number of shows so far this year, each one is just as funny as the last. Their next show is December 11, 2017, and you do not want to miss it! End the semester with a great laugh!


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