Photography, What a Concept!

Media By Christian Fuentes.

There exists an interesting type of photography that you may have never seen before. This special medium is called conceptual photography. It is a type of photography that can vary widely. Although, as extensive as it is, all of the works have a clear common denominator, they are trying to express an idea or concept.

The gift these artists have is the ability to play with objects, give them a second life and speak poetic metaphors through them. Are you ready for the challenge? What do you see in these images?

“We are so corny” Media by Garcia de Marina.

If you look at the photo above, you will see the word “hot” made with popcorn. This image hopes that you stop and think, it wants you to look beyond and realize that when the corn kernels get hot, they explode, and so popcorn is born.

Conceptual photography is the art of achieving a “concept” in the viewer’s mind only with the content of a photograph. The main thing about such a photograph is the idea it is not always instantaneous. The idea is already there in the mind, and all the elements necessary to convey the idea are planned until a perfect photograph is conveyed to understand the concept.

Media by ” Rosita del Barrio” Mexican Restaurant.

The Asturian artist García de Marina, author of this image and many others, did not know anything about photography and in 2010 he took a Reflex camera. He wasn’t sure what he would do with it, but he always liked double-meaning phrases and puns. He soon realized that he was interested in conceptual photography, the art of transmitting messages through an image.

“Crucifixion” Media by Garcia de Marina.
“Deadly Smoke” Media by Garcia de Marina.

A fork that simulates the hand of Christ during the crucifixion, a pencil sharpener as the creator of literature or the word ‘eye’ made with the frame of some glasses are some of the ideas that he portrays in his photos. “My intention is to transform everyday objects and give them new identities, reinvent them,” De Marina tells The Huffington Post.

“Idea Factory” Media by Richard Kalirt.

Conceptual photography makes healthy use of graphic symbols to represent ideas, movements, moods, or anything and everything that the photographer might want to include in the message of his photograph. Symbols with strong and well-established connotations are generally used, from a bleeding heart, clovers, and even a dollar bill.

Of course, a problem that conceptual photographers encounter is whether to use symbols that are more universal. That is, if their photos and corresponding concepts should be intended to be interpreted in the same way by everyone, or if they should be open to ambiguities for a lot of different meanings.

This leads us to another important characteristic of, or rather, a conceptual distinction within photography.

On the topic of how important photography is today Raynner Alba, a talented Ecuadorian photographer, said, “Photography is art today. And like art, free. The artist builds slow images that oppose the aesthetics of the snapshot.” The photograph becomes the support where the author expresses his speech and not the object of adoration for his ranges of gray and other technical or compositional displays.

Hopefully, you find these photos interesting and give your opinion about what these pictures mean for you.

“I am your Father” Media by Stevenson Gulbert.



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