GU E-sports 2020-2021: New Goals, New Challenges, and New Officers

Example of a Collegiate E-sports Gaming Room. Media by
Example of a Collegiate E-sports Gaming Room. Media by Columbia Business Times.

Every student might be thinking about how the next academic year is going to look like considering the state of emergency that currently keeps the whole state of Illinois in lockdown. Athletes are now wondering what would happen to their fall seasons if they get cancelled in the near future in case of a second wave of COVID-19. It is important to remember that most of the aspects in life are part of our circle of control, which is the number of things that we, as individuals, can take care of and directly influence. However, solving a global pandemic is not part of it, and the only logical approach is to have a positive attitude and look at the future with optimism.

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The Greenville University community is soaked in that mindset and this article, addressing what students are going to be able to see and enjoy in the fall, is the evidence. Professors, athletic programs, clubs, and the rest of the groups that are part of campus life are now working on the upcoming academic year starting in late August. Assignments such as creating student leaders, and planning events are an example of what it is being addressed in the multiple zoom meetings that GU staff and students are having during these busting/hectic/remaining weeks of school.

The E-sports program, as expected, is getting ready for next year. New club officers and team captains have been elected among other significant decisions. BJ Fink, head of the program, explained how the role of officers and captains is going to look like this season. All eyes are on helping the program acquire some level of professionalism and setting the basis and rules for its potential future. Teams are divided by games, and team captains, in Fink’s words, “are going to be a crucial part of the success of the team, making players accountable for their practice hours, player growth, and keeping track of the collegiate competitions taking place.” Officers will be leaders of the E-sports club, an organization that will carry on events on campus and will be acting as a campus organization. The E-sports club will be provided help and gaming stations (computers or other kinds of gaming platforms) by the E-sports program. However, its goal is to reach those students that are not part of the E-sports team, but would still like to play video games with gamers on campus. Next year’s club direction will be held by Antwon Knight – President, Jeremy Whisenton – Vice President, and José Soutullo Fernández – Treasurer.

Greenville University is opening the new gaming room next semester, Fall 2020. Media by Bethany Lutheran College.

The global pandemic and especially its effect in the United States has brought more challenges to the table. Without any doubt, the first challenge when it comes to the new E-sports program is recruiting. It has turned into a difficult task, both for students and recruiters. Another challenge the program faces is the transition into becoming settled into the athletic body within Greenville University could be delayed.

The future always holds opportunities and rewards for those that chase their dreams and goals. The one that puts everything in place, BJ Fink, hopes that this period of hardship is over as soon as possible to resume the progress that has been made so far.


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